About the blog

Welcome to our Life Under Construction! I hope that you enjoy reading through and can find something to peak your interest! I started this blog as an outlet, a diary of sorts, to document our family’s journey. Not only do I write about struggles of family life and the turmoils of motherhood, but I also use this blog as a recipe book, a review site and a how-to crafting corner. Together, Javier and I have four children, our boys Sylas and Ivan and our girls, Amalia and Noa. Come join us on our journey and welcome to our crazy, funny, busy, lovely life under construction!

Each post is put into a category. If you’re looking for something in particular, see the categories or if you just want to read up, see the recent posts and the archives. For tutorials and recipes for foods and crafts, see the recipes/tutorials tab. For day in the life happenings see the DITL tab. For mommy rambles, see the respective tab. And for all things pregnancy/TTC see the Family in the making tab.