Bump day week 20!

We made it to the half way point!  Only 140 days to go! If you missed my last post with the gender reveal, go read it so I don’t spoil it for you! Baby brother is the length of a banana this week and at the ultrasound, weighed in at 11.59 ounces! He is perfect […]

Bump day week 17!

I can’t believe how fast this is going! Just over two weeks until we have the anatomy ultrasound! 161 Days to go!! I had my appointment today and everything looked good. Heart beat was 147 and my fundus measured 16cm. Baby was really active and they had to wait for him/her to calm down and […]

Bump day week 16!

You guys!! My baby is the size of an avocado! And my uterus is the size of a small melon! I am definitely showing and can’t hide it anymore. Baby has been moving and everything looks like its right on track! I have my appointment on Wednesday next week and I can’t wait! This week […]

Bump day week 15!

We’re up to week 15! Not much has changed this week except that I have started really feeling the flutters full force. I feel them a lot more now and it has helped me be able to relax a little and I am really enjoying every minute now. Other than that, this week has been […]

Bump day week 14!

Today Is pregnancy week 14 you guys! With each week that passes I feel more and more excited! So far this week things have been pretty boring. My symptoms are alleviating and I feel pretty good. I am really craving fruits and have gone through a produce sections worth of it. Not going to complain […]

Bump day week 13!

Hello second trimester!! I am so relieved that we made it!! I had my last bi-weekly appointment until the end of this pregnancy and it went so well! We got to have one last peek at baby before the anatomy scan. He/she is much bigger this week, and very active. We even caught a little […]

Bump day week 12!

Only one more week left of the first trimester! I couldn’t be more ready to get this week checked off the list and be on the road to baby day! This week I have definitely felt that my symptoms have started to let up. Granted, I have worse days than others. I am starting to […]

Bump day week 11!

Its bump day week 11! This week has followed suit of the past weeks and my symptoms are pretty much at a standstill, not worse, not better. I had my Dr appointment and all went well. He was very happy with baby’s growth and heartbeat. He told me that we are getting into some secure […]

Bump day week 10!

It’s week ten everybody!! According to my babycenter app, rainbow is the size of a kumquat (whatever that is) and is now in the fetal stage! This week has been about the same. Symptoms: acid reflux, hunger pains, pee a lot, thirsty, tired, food aversions, sleepless nights, stretchy cramps, stuffy nose, sore breasts, growing breasts, […]

Bump day week 7!

So I had my ultrasound on Monday and rainbow looked really good! Heart rate was 119 and measuring right on schedule! The tech couldn’t tell me anything else because of hipaa regulations. So today I had my first OB appointment. The nurse did my questionnaire which took probably all of 20 minutes. Then the doctor […]