Bump day week 23!

Only four more weeks until the third trimester! Baby brother weighs in at one pound and he is wiggling like crazy! One thing that I absolutely love is when Sylas is being noisy (he’s usually loud when he plays) and baby brother will get excited too! I can’t wait to see the bond that they […]

Bump day week 22!

This week baby brother is measuring in at almost one pound and the size of a spaghetti squash! He is moving like crazy and to be honest, he has made me sore on a couple occasions. So far everything is still about the same. No new cravings or anything. I am up to 121.2Lbs as […]

Bump day week 21!

Its week 21! 133 days to go and I can’t wait to hold our little one in my arms! Baby is the length of a carrot this week. Baby brother is moving a lot this week. Yesterday he was riding higher and he elbowed my friend’s hand when she felt him! It was by far […]

Hormonal Much?

So I want to just rant a little bit. Most of this rant comes from a place deep in my heart where all of my TTC trials and tribulations lie. A place in my mind filled with horrific memories of TTC that could give the boogie man the heebie-jeebies. I Can’t get over the fact […]

Bump day week 20!

We made it to the half way point!  Only 140 days to go! If you missed my last post with the gender reveal, go read it so I don’t spoil it for you! Baby brother is the length of a banana this week and at the ultrasound, weighed in at 11.59 ounces! He is perfect […]

Bump day week 19!

This week is dragging on! I can’t wait until next Monday!!!!! This Monday was pretty quick but when Tuesday rolled around, I knew that the rest of this week was going to be torture to get through. Everyone is getting pretty excited to find out the gender along with us. This week, movements have been […]

Bump day week 18!

Sorry I’m a day late guys! This week hasn’t been too different from last week. I have felt kicks from the outside a couple more times but I have to be pretty quiet and still. I have been having some random Braxton Hicks this week but nothing consistent. They are still not painful but just […]

Bump day week 17!

I can’t believe how fast this is going! Just over two weeks until we have the anatomy ultrasound! 161 Days to go!! I had my appointment today and everything looked good. Heart beat was 147 and my fundus measured 16cm. Baby was really active and they had to wait for him/her to calm down and […]

Bump day week 14!

Today Is pregnancy week 14 you guys! With each week that passes I feel more and more excited! So far this week things have been pretty boring. My symptoms are alleviating and I feel pretty good. I am really craving fruits and have gone through a produce sections worth of it. Not going to complain […]

Bump day week 11!

Its bump day week 11! This week has followed suit of the past weeks and my symptoms are pretty much at a standstill, not worse, not better. I had my Dr appointment and all went well. He was very happy with baby’s growth and heartbeat. He told me that we are getting into some secure […]