Captain’s Log: Day 2122

Yesterday could not have been a better day. It was gorgeous outside. I had the back door propped open all morning with the front windows open, the air just flowing through the whole house. Amalia woke up early, at 6, so I decided to take her on my early morning grocery run. I like to […]

Fall Favorites ’17

I haven’t done one of these in a while! Today, I’d like to share with my readers some of my favorite things that I’ve been using this fall – and just in general. From fashion to housewares to kid stuff, lets get started! Ps, can we just take note of how cute my daughter, Amalia, […]

Contours Options LT Stroller Review

When we had Sylas, we purchased a stroller car seat combo called a travel system. It was a nice little set up where the infant car seat attached to the stroller or you could just use the stroller itself. We used it a lot for walks and if we ever went to the zoo or […]