Captain’s Log: Day 2122

Yesterday could not have been a better day. It was gorgeous outside. I had the back door propped open all morning with the front windows open, the air just flowing through the whole house. Amalia woke up early, at 6, so I decided to take her on my early morning grocery run. I like to […]

Capitain’s Log: Day 2078

We took the kids out to the park a couple days ago while the weather wasn’t too cold. they’ve been getting cabin fever, and with the Midwest weather – ever changing – it makes it hard to make plans to go outside. One day it will be nearly seventy degrees outside and then it will […]

Happy Halloween

The TWW has commenced and I am not yet to the impatient part of the cycle where I acquire the POAS (pee on a stick) syndrome. I am just kind of…indifferent. I’m not absolutely excited, I’m not abundantly hopeful or down in the dumps or doubtful. For once, I’m just sitting here waiting it out. […]