Bump day week 11!

Its bump day week 11! This week has followed suit of the past weeks and my symptoms are pretty much at a standstill, not worse, not better. I had my Dr appointment and all went well. He was very happy with baby’s growth and heartbeat. He told me that we are getting into some secure […]

Beta day!

Today I had my blood drawn for my 5th beta. I am 18 DPO (or 4 weeks and 3 days) and my beta was 2275! I made up a little chart so that you could see how things are going. My progesterone made a little dip at 16 DPO which is a day after AF. […]


Oh my goodness you guys! I am PREGNANT!! I am so excited to share with you all what has happened these past few days! So I’m going to take you all back to last Thursday, December 4th. The two nights prior, I had been waking up three times a night like clockwork. At 1:30, 3 […]


Sorry I didn’t get around to this post earlier! I’ve been busy with the holiday weekend. I had a very enjoyable 4-day weekend. I am currently 6DPO. I ovulated on Nov. 25th. So far nothing interesting has happened. I am planning on starting the progesterone possibly tomorrow. I am just waiting around for some twinges […]

My Achy Breaky Heart

Today is CD12 aka day 2 of “the fertile window.”  Three days ago, a friend of mine had her first baby. A beautiful 7lb 2 oz tiny baby boy. I was at work and saw that her blood work had come to my work station. I couldn’t say anything because of HIPAA but she eventually […]

My Main Squeeze

I am so fortunate to have a wonderful and supportive man by my side through all of our trials. So today, I am going to brag a bit about how awesome he is! I am not a very patient person. I have a to-do list and I have to accomplish everything on it. Ever heard […]

I Am One In Four

“When a child loses his parent, he is called an orphan. When a spouse loses his or her                                                                          partner, they are called […]

Another One Bites The Dust

I did a beta on Friday and it came back as zero so I didn’t take my progesterone that day. AF came on Sunday which is a day earlier than I thought it would be but that’s ok. At my appointment yesterday My doctor talked about my lab results from the glucose tolerance test and […]

‘Till The Fat Lady Sings

They say the show isn’t over until the fat lady sings, but I have a feeling her solo is coming up. I tested at 10 and 12 DPO (Wednesday and today) and got two very BFNs. Normally I start getting BFPs at 10 DPO but it seems like there’s none in sight. I have 2 […]

Dreaming in Double

I have contemplated writing this post just because I don’t want to come across as one of those TTC-ers that over-analyzes everything. But a few things have happened this past week that its just hard to believe that its a coincidence. So no judging as you read this, okay? From the title of this post, […]