Ivan’s Two Month Update

I say this every time, but I can’t believe how fast my baby is growing up! He has his appointment on Monday so I’ll insert his height and weight here (10lb 12.8oz 22″) later. He is cooing more and likes to talk when he lays on the floor watching Sylas play. He smiles some but […]

Three week update!

Seriously, can time just slow down a little bit?! This has gone by way too fast! Ivan had his appointment on Friday and he weighed 7lb6oz and was 19.5 inches. Growing like a weed, probably because he eats all the time! His cheeks are getting chunkier and his little tummy is too! He still grins […]

One Week Update

I can’t believe how fast this first week has gone! Its crazy to think that this time last year we were still in the process of TTC. How’s baby? Ivan is doing really well. When he was born he weighed 6lb5oz and only dropped to 6lb1oz when we left the hospital. He had his first […]