Stepping up to the plate

I just want to take a minute to brag about Javier. He’s a typical man – you know, the one that you have to nag to get his clothes off the bedroom floor or clean his shavings from the bathroom sink? But he as really stepped up the past couple weeks as the end of […]

Bump day week 37!

We are so close to the end! I had an NST on Monday and baby brother weighed about 5lb 6oz. My doctor’s appointment went really well yesterday. I brought in my birth plan and we talked it over. My doctor said that there wasn’t anything unreasonable in it and that he felt like we would […]

Bump day week 35!

So I am going to start this post out for apologizing for what you are about to read. I am going to dump my stress and feelings here and I hope that it doesn’t make this an awful post to read. Today has just been a long day and I am so ready to go […]

Bump day week 25!

This week has been pretty much just like last week so there isn’t much to update on. I did my 1 hour glucose tolerance test and I failed it. So now I get to do the 3 hour test in a couple weeks. I wasn’t happy about it but it didn’t surprise me that I […]

Hormonal Much?

So I want to just rant a little bit. Most of this rant comes from a place deep in my heart where all of my TTC trials and tribulations lie. A place in my mind filled with horrific memories of TTC that could give the boogie man the heebie-jeebies. I Can’t get over the fact […]

Bump day week 8!

Sorry I’m a day late on getting this post up! I am officially 8 weeks pregnant and so far everything is looking good. Baby is the size of a kidney bean now! Things have been pretty much the same as last week as far as symptoms go. I am still having some heartburn and bloating. […]

Bump day week 7!

So I had my ultrasound on Monday and rainbow looked really good! Heart rate was 119 and measuring right on schedule! The tech couldn’t tell me anything else because of hipaa regulations. So today I had my first OB appointment. The nurse did my questionnaire which took probably all of 20 minutes. Then the doctor […]

My Main Squeeze

I am so fortunate to have a wonderful and supportive man by my side through all of our trials. So today, I am going to brag a bit about how awesome he is! I am not a very patient person. I have a to-do list and I have to accomplish everything on it. Ever heard […]