The Witching Hour

Today I wanted to share my experience with Witching Hour and how we cope with it. No, this is not some Halloween related post. This post is about my baby. In particular, when my baby gets fussy and colicky. Sylas was a good baby. I got lucky, really. His only problem was staying up late, […]

Three week update!

Seriously, can time just slow down a little bit?! This has gone by way too fast! Ivan had his appointment on Friday and he weighed 7lb6oz and was 19.5 inches. Growing like a weed, probably because he eats all the time! His cheeks are getting chunkier and his little tummy is too! He still grins […]

Its a…….!

We had our anatomy scan yesterday and now that all of the family knows, I get to share with you all! We are having a little boy!! I am so excited to see Sylas and his brother grow up together! I am already planning how to put their room together (I’ll save that for another […]