There Is A God

I once had a little 1989 Dodge Dakota. It was my second car but the first one that I paid for with my own heard-earned money. A little 90-something year-old man was the previous owner. Can you believe it, a single-owner pickup – that was older than me – and it only had 80-some thousand […]

Beauty in Blemishes

I think that we are all like a blank canvas  in the beginning; and with the passion of an artists heart, God creates a masterpiece with every loving stroke. And sometimes when we make mistakes, when chaos and mayhem strike, the world may as well be ending, and the imperfections in our portrait start to […]

Why Must We Wait?

Our God is an awesome God. He answers prayer and He works wonders. He can move mountains and He knows the stars and He calls them by name. He can do all things, but sometimes its hard to believe, especially when He makes us wait. Its hard to have faith in Him when He has […]

God vs. google

I have been stuck in a rut lately and I have been needing to take a step back and look at the whole picture. This whole baby journey has been consuming my life these past few months and causing me to loose sight of what I truly need to be focusing on. Sometimes it seems […]