My Camera and Me

You can probably tell by a quick glance at my blog that I am into photography. I love it. Despite the fact that I am a scientist in my career, I am a very artistic person – well rounded, I’ve been told. I have enjoyed taking photos for a very long time. In my youth, […]

ALDI Grocery Haul!

I know that grocery hauls are a popular thing. I enjoy watching them, getting dinner ideas and just seeing what other brands are out there for healthier or cheaper options. So I wanted to share with you an Aldi grocery haul. We were needing some dinners for the coming week so we ran to the […]

Captain’s Log: Day 2,149

The past several weeks – maybe more like a month – have been full of busy schedules for all of us. The end of Sylas’ first year of school, wedding planning and my family visiting along with just enjoying the beginnings of our summer. On Sylas’ last day of school the kids went to the […]

Captain’s Log Day 2,121

I noticed that I hadn’t written in nearly a month a couple days ago and put it on my to-do list. I don’t really know what to write about other than mundane life happenstances, because, well, life is pretty boring at the moment. Currently, we are all sick with a pair – yes, two – […]