Let It Snow // Captain’s Log Day 2181

Sunday we had our first blizzard of the season. We only got about 4 inches of snow, but the wind was ferocious, drifting the snow everywhere. I woke up Sunday morning and peeked out the window, surprised to find there was nothing on the ground yet – the news reported the storm rolling in at […]

2018 Christmas Décor

I usually only decorate our great room for Christmas. Our kitchen is lacking in counter space, and we don’t spend enough time in our bedrooms to decorate them. I suppose you could call this a tour/ haul of sorts. I got a lot of new pieces this year, and incorporated my stuff from Christmases past […]

Captain’s log day 2,141

We stopped by the lake the other night. It has become a favorite thing to do lately in the evenings. The kids get some wiggles out, and we get the peacefulness of watching the sun set. The moon was crescent-shaped, which was interesting to Sylas. He knows all about that already. He truly has an […]

My Camera and Me

You can probably tell by a quick glance at my blog that I am into photography. I love it. Despite the fact that I am a scientist in my career, I am a very artistic person – well rounded, I’ve been told. I have enjoyed taking photos for a very long time. In my youth, […]

ALDI Grocery Haul!

I know that grocery hauls are a popular thing. I enjoy watching them, getting dinner ideas and just seeing what other brands are out there for healthier or cheaper options. So I wanted to share with you an Aldi grocery haul. We were needing some dinners for the coming week so we ran to the […]

Captain’s log day 2232

Tonight while laying with sylas as I’m trying to get him to sleep, as part of our nightly ritual after dinner, bath and story books, I let him talk about whatever comes to his mind. Tonight, the topic of discussion was his future house plans. “Mom, maybe someday when I’m as tall as you, I […]