Codify Roe

This post is a letter to my senators and representative. Please feel free to copy paste this post and write to your state representative if you cannot find the words. This week is the Mother’s Day Strike. Please participate by writing your representatives, refraining from shopping, refraining from social media, and refraining from streaming services […]


My brother died. There’s no way to put it gently, it hurts all the same. He was my baby brother, the youngest of the three of us. He was a mere 24 years young. He was in a freak, one-car accident and I still can’t wrap my head around how it happened. I feel I […]

Captain’s Log day 3,290

I feel like I haven’t posted much this year. Since school started, it’s been hit the ground running. Now that I have three kids in school, my evenings are filled with homework, preschool collage projects, keeping track of events and dress up days. I had a hard time keeping up with everything, and frequently forgetting […]

Ivan’s 6 Year update

Ivan James turned six this month! He’s still a little guy like his mom. Ivan wears xs clothes for the most part , but can still wear certain 4t/5t. Ivan’s favorite food is still pizza. Any kind of pizza, all day, every day. Nutella is a close second. Milk is his favorite, preferably chocolate. He […]

30th Birthday

30. I gotta admit, It looks different than I thought it would, but its not half bad either. I envisioned being a full-blown adult by now, but I still have no clue what I’m doing. I have learned a lot in the first decade of my adulthood though. I’m proud of me for all the […]

Garage Makeover

Our garage is a catch-all. It is our home’s giant junk drawer. We have a million outdoor toys and things that need stored. It’s also my craft area because it can be ventilated. It’s always messy. In the summer, the kids drag out all their toys and then don’t put them away – that’s customary […]

Captain’s Log Day 2,998

I’m so ready for spring. This polar vortex has brought on my seasonal depression and exacerbated it tenfold. I find myself unmotivated in every way. I want to spring clean, but can’t seem to get the gumption. I haven’t blogged consistently in a good while. I’ve left my crafts to wait in the dark garage. […]