All about us

Hello, and welcome to Life Under Construction blog – the family chronicles of Javier, Maddison, Sylas, Ivan, Amalia and Noa! We are a family of six located in the rural Midwest of the United States. We enjoy being outdoors and delight in taking family hikes, playing outdoor games and visiting parks. When the weather doesn’t permit outdoor time, we like to have a movie night on the couch or some quality playtime together.


Maddison is a bioanalytical laboratory scientist at a local hospital where she specializes in Microbiology. She enjoys reading, riding her bike, going to the lake, music, photography, and spending time with her family.

Javier is the head chef at a local restaurant. He enjoys music, games, soccer, cooking, going to the lake and spending time with his family.


Sylas is a rambunctious little boy who enjoys playing for hours on end. He loves learning new things, anything that has to do with science and loves four wheeler rides with his papa.

Ivan is a wild child who is too ornery for his own good. He has no fear and is quite the little explorer. Momma is always on her toes with this one. He’s also quite the artist and loves to draw in his sketchbook.


Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what Amalia’s made of. She enjoys snack time, being on momma’s hip and everything baby dolls and music.


Squishy, sleepy and sweet, Noa rounds out the family as our youngest. She’s a laid back baby, goes with the flow and is always up for some good snuggles.



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