Codify Roe

This post is a letter to my senators and representative. Please feel free to copy paste this post and write to your state representative if you cannot find the words.

This week is the Mother’s Day Strike. Please participate by writing your representatives, refraining from shopping, refraining from social media, and refraining from streaming services for the week of May 8-15, 2022.

A great website to address your state’s representatives with is It is secure and your letter doesn’t need postage. Another very easy way to be active in the fight for our rights is to text Resistbot (RESIST to 50409). You can go to their web page and choose one – or several – petitions to sign regarding this and many other social justice issues.


There is no question that abortion is healthcare. As a healthcare professional, a woman, a mother and your constituent, it is my position and that of the majority of women and US citizens that [state] MUST stay pro choice. Unless and until you have gone through a pregnancy, you have NO right to speak on the matter. Abortion and the “pro life” movement are solely for political and capitalistic gain. Corporations buying out politicians to make life-threatening decisions solely for the purpose of perpetuating their greed is morally wrong. You do not stand in the moral majority if you truly feel that a living, breathing, beautiful, loved woman, mother, daughter and even child are disposable at the expense of a fetus that cannot survive outside her womb anyway.
Imagine for a moment if you will, your daughter, niece, granddaughter. Someone you love dearly. She’s 10 years old. She has not had her first period yet. Most people are unaware that most girls actually begin ovulating before they begin menstruating. So this 10-year-old girl has a sleep over at her best friends house. Her friend’s dad rapes her while she is there. She is a young, impressionable girl and because of her religious upbringing, and shame taught around sex education, she doesn’t tell her mother. She complains of stomach upset and tiredness over the next weeks. She goes to the doctor and they chalk it up to stress. Before you know it three to four months have gone by and she is in the ER for severe pain, distension, and nausea, and that’s when the doctors find out she’s pregnant and she comes forward with the truth. It is now too late for an abortion in many states as it stands with Roe still in place. This baby girl will be forced to go through with a pregnancy that could very possibly kill her. She will probably have to have a c-section because she is a little girl and her pelvis cannot withstand delivery. Major surgery on her tiny body. Her body will be changed for life, not only physically, but hormonally as well. All of this before her first period. Her emotional state will be a wreck and she is now at high risk for suicidal ideation. The baby will be born premature and sickly due to the little girl’s body being too small and underdeveloped to be able to nourish the pregnancy. The baby will add another burden on the welfare system being in the hospital for weeks gaining strength to eat on their own. The baby will go to foster care because nobody wants to adopt a rape baby from a 10-year-old. That baby will either be sex trafficked, or thrown into abusive homes and kicked out into poverty. That baby will have to live their life knowing the trauma that surrounds their very existence. The rapist will get out in five years, the little girl won’t even be out of high school yet.
Contrary to popular republican belief and fear mongering, abortions are not free nor are they paid for by your tax dollars. Even if they were, that would be ok. Most people getting abortions are mothers. Not sex workers and addicts that use it as a form of birth control like your propaganda tries to say. They are the ones that can’t afford one, and in turn, produce multiple children put forth into the foster care system every year. But republicans don’t care about those kids. We wouldn’t want our tax dollars taking care of someone else’s kids, right?
The threat that overturning roe could bring to not only those seeking abortion, but also those that require life-saving surgery for ectopic pregnancies is astounding. Ectopic pregnancies are lethal nearly every time if left untreated and the pregnancy is not sustainable in any way shape or form. Science has not gotten us to a place where those pregnancies can be moved to their correct position in the body and therefore is not viable. Ever. Not one.
Cutting access to birth control will only perpetuate the problems that unwanted pregnancies pose. Added children to the already over-burdened foster care system (which sex traffics children by the way) will produce more people that will be forced to live a life of poverty and continue the cycle. But I guess that’s what the good old party wants, right? To keep your constituents poor, uneducated, and enslaved to the corporations that bought you all out.
No republican will ever get my vote again. I will work hard every day to ensure that my daughters, and all of our children, won’t have to live in this hell that you are creating.

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