Noa’s 2 Year Update

Noa Arlett is two years old! She is 30.5 inches tall and weighs 21.6 pounds. She is catching up to her sister on clothes sizes, and can share shorts and shirts. Amalia needs the extra length in pants so they can’t share those yet. Noa wears 18-24 and some 2t clothes. Her shoes are 5/6 size but her feet are chubby so certain brands/types won’t fit her.

Noa loves Moana, Tangled, Luca and Gabby’s Dollhouse. She is a busy toddler, getting into things she shouldn’t. She loves sensory play over dolls. She is still really bad about putting things in her mouth. If she would quit that bad habit, we could get rid of the baby gate on the stairs since she can do the stairs well now. Noa isn’t my pickiest eater, but her appetite is getting pickier than it was. She still eats things the rest of the kids won’t though. Her favorites are popsicles, nuggies and shredded cheese, though she will eat, or at least try, most things.

Noa is a mommy’s girl. She loves to follow me everywhere and help me with chores. Her favorite chore is pouring the laundry detergent in the wash or helping me put the wet clothes in the dryer. She loves to sit on my work bench and watch me make things for my etsy shop. She helps me fold clothes – by unfolding the clothes – and turn out lights when we leave the room. She still takes a nap most days for at least an hour and a half. I dread the day the nap goes away, because as helpful as she is, sometimes mama wants to do chores by herself. She loves to run into my arms for a hug, and is generous with kisses too. She waves at strangers until the approach her to say hi, then she gets shy. Her beautiful black hair flips out at the ends into these beautiful curly swirls. Her hair cut that Ivan gave to her several months ago is grown out and not noticeable now. Her hair is so thick, her pony tail is nearly twice the thickness of Amalia’s.

I can’t believe my last baby is two already. Time is just escaping me. Though I’m so sad to see these times fly by, I’m so excited to see the little person that Noa is becoming.

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