Ivan’s 6 Year update

Ivan James turned six this month! He’s still a little guy like his mom. Ivan wears xs clothes for the most part , but can still wear certain 4t/5t.

Ivan’s favorite food is still pizza. Any kind of pizza, all day, every day. Nutella is a close second. Milk is his favorite, preferably chocolate. He also likes macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, meatballs, peanut butter sandwiches, fruits, ham/bologna sandwiches and any sweet treats of course.

Ivan loves Mario, LEGOs, drawing, videogames, and his bike. His dinosaur obsession has faded some, but he still plays with them, so that Mario has another battle to win. He could play Mario with his brother all day. That and the Nintendo levelling up in Mario Odyssey.

Ivan is a sweetheart, and so, so kind. He loves babies. He’s a little bit more shy than his big brother, but he does love to talk about things he’s passionate about. He always comes up to me to give me hugs around my waist and tell me “I love you, mom.” I can always count on my mamas boy to love on me.

Ivan starts Kindergarten this year, and I’m excited and nervous all at once for him. I hope that he makes friends, and learns well. He went to summer school this year and he will have the same teacher that he was assigned during that session. Hopefully that makes the transition smooth for him. He seemed like he had a good time at summer school, though the first day was a little overwhelming for him.

I don’t know how they grow up so quickly. Looking back on his baby photos, reminiscing on that time of our lives, the nostalgia. How I miss it! But I look forward to what the future has in store for him too.

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