Amalia’s 4 Year Update

I don’t think I’ll ever get used to just how fast kids grow up. Amalia is officially four years old! She has her check-up later this week so I don’t know how big she is, but she is still a teeny petite girl just like her mamma.

Amalia loves barbies and babies. She loves realistic dollies, and all the accessories. She loves to put her babies to bed, and feed them and dress them up. She is content to play barbies by herself and makes little house layouts all over the living room floor for them. She loves to draw and practice writing. I think she will do well in pre school this fall, though I think she’ll have nerves on her first few days and not want to let mommy go. She also loves to sing and dance which is so sweet. Her little voice, so full of passion when she belts out ‘I Am Moana” just melts me. She likes to wear matching twirly dresses with Noa and dance around the living room. She absolutely hates socks, even in the winter time, just like Sylas.

Amalia is a picky eater. She snacks a lot because she is so little and gets full fast. One hot dog will fill her up. I’ve been really trying to get her to eat more bowel friendly foods and have started her on some supplements because being the cheese lover she is, can make it difficult for her sometimes. She likes cheese sticks, turkey sandwiches, hot dogs, pizza and macaroni and cheese most of the time. And Popsicles. I think she asks me for one the minute I get in the door nearly daily. I think that sometimes people see what she eats and don’t think that its enough, but she is so tiny that she just doesn’t eat a lot all at once, but within an hour or two, she’ll be asking for a snack, like a bowl of dry cereal, or string cheese, or cheese crackers. I feel like she literally eats all day long. So we are working on trying to get her to have her snacks be more meal-like instead. I worry about when she starts school that she will get enough to eat. That corporate meal schedule isn’t built for teeny bellies like hers.

Amalia is so smart. I really think she will have a good time at school once the new jitters wear off and she makes some friends. She did homeschool pre school alongside Ivan this past year and she has picked up on a lot of it. She did very well with following directions and does really well coloring inside lines and tracing letters. I think she will have a good time this fall.

I still can’t believe that she’s four already. It feels like she just came home with us from the hospital. How excited we were to welcome a baby girl into our family. I am so excited to watch where this next year takes her. Happiest of birthdays, Amalia Marie.

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