Noa’s 18 Month Update

Noa turned 18 months a couple weeks ago. We are still breastfeeding, but I’m steadily trying to wean her off. I have just been trying to distract her, or replace it with a sippy cup when she asks for it. She doesn’t always enjoy that I say no, but we are getting better. Night time will be the real struggle.

She’s going through a little bit of an attitude change lately. She’s miss independent, but also, she is sassy. If you tell her to bring you whatever she has in her hand that you know she isn’t supposed to have, she’ll chuck it across the room. If I catch her with a glass of water or something, and I tell her to put it down, she’ll pour it out all over the floor instead. If I take something dangerous away from her, she will start flinging things off of the coffee table or scattering the toys on the floor. She’s definitely starting the terrible two’s a little early.

Noa still loves to eat more than the rest of the kids. She loves green beans and cooked carrots. She will still try most anything. Fruits are not as big of a hit with her though. She prefers the more bland fruits like apples, grapes, and bananas. Strawberries are a little bit too sweet for her.

Noa loves to climb on everything. She knows where we keep the kiddie step stool and drags it everywhere with her to get places she shouldn’t. She can unlock the doorknob, but thankfully not the deadbolt. She can do the stairs pretty well, but still lacks that concept that the top of the stairs is dangerous to stand next to, and that she could fall down them, so we will still have the baby gate up for a long while.

Noa is a mama’s girl. She loves to be anywhere I am. If I leave her downstairs to run and grab something from their bedroom, she has a meltdown. She always has to be in the middle of what I’m doing. If I’m in the kitchen cooking, she wants to sit on the counter – which we don’t have too much of. She loves to help do things, as long as I frame it to sound fun. She is also the least bit helpful sometimes. When I’m folding laundry, she will sit next to me and unfold things in an attempt to mimic what I’m doing.

She’s absolutely a perfect blend of sweet and sour at this stage. She’s just the most adorable little girl. Her dimples are still as deep as ever, and her pretty little smile makes every day a little brighter. Even though she wears me thin most days, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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