Captain’s Log Day 2,998

I’m so ready for spring. This polar vortex has brought on my seasonal depression and exacerbated it tenfold. I find myself unmotivated in every way. I want to spring clean, but can’t seem to get the gumption. I haven’t blogged consistently in a good while. I’ve left my crafts to wait in the dark garage. It’s been nearly impossible to heat the garage for weeks because of this frigid cold, some nights nearly hitting -30, and only getting to -11 in the day time – that’s not counting the wind chill. Our furnace has had a hard time keeping up, so our space heaters were moved into the house instead of using them to warm my craft space. I’ve even resorted to turning on the oven for spurts at a time to help take the chill off the house.

I also get flare-ups with eczema and psoriasis this time of year. I take a daily multivitamin, a prenatal actually because I read somewhere that women my age should just take those anyway. I get 200% of my vitamin D through those, and I take an additional vitamin D. Normally the dose is 2, and I take 3, but in the winter I take 4 when I get bad break outs. I also take Goli apple cider vinegar gummies. I just can’t get my vitamin D high enough, even in the summer when I spend lots of time outside, I can’t get it high enough, though my psoriasis clears right up at the first signs of summer. I’m convinced that I have some type of malabsorption of vitamin D.

The kids are making a constant stream of messes. Another huge reason why I hate the cold weather. We can’t go outside when it’s this cold, so they drag out every toy we own and then don’t put them away. The house is a literal disaster – don’t come visit, unless you’re helping look for survivors in this chaotic pile of stuff. Even when we can go outside, the snow gear is a whole other pile of stuff. Its always wet, and there’s always puddles on the kitchen floor from undressing from sledding.

Sometimes I think about moving somewhere farther south, though it wouldn’t have helped this year because Texas is in a state of emergency. I don’t want to leave my support system either. It is so hard to raise kids with a support system, I just don’t know how we would manage without family close by. These long dreary winter months really get to me though.

I’m hoping to feel more myself when the weather gets nicer. It is supposed to be almost 50F on Tuesday. As long as this cold spell is over and temperatures start trending up, I think I’ll be ok. I really need some motivation to get me out of this funk. Maybe I’ll re-read Marie Kondo’s book or watch that organization show on Netflix.

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