Sylas’ 8 Year Update

Sylas is such a big kid now. He is about 45 inches tall, catching up to his momma so quickly. He weighs 47.6 pounds. He has lost five teeth so far too, and I think a couple more are on their way out. He is outgrowing his pants left and right. I’m going to have to get him an all new wardrobe soon.

Sylas still loves the Titanic. He is into ATVs and motorcycles. His favorite thing right now are three wheelers. He is into Mario and among us too. School is not his favorite thing this year. He is so smart. He can come up with math answers even faster than I can. And he does well with reading but he doesn’t have confidence or interest. I think he might have reading comprehension trouble because his assessments they do in class are low. He doesn’t like to answer multiple choice either. But he knows the material and he knows how to read. Sometimes I get so conflicted with it. Is he having trouble or just uninterested. I’m trying everything I can to boost his confidence and help him like school more. I wish he could see how smart he is.

Sylas is still my pickiest eater. His diet is pretty much the same as it has been for quite a while. Everything cheese, PB&J, bologna sandwiches, pasta, etc. He is so skittish of trying new foods, believe me, I try. I told him the other day that he was going to have to start eating what dad and I eat. He didn’t like that idea.

I can never believe how fast time flies. I hope that Sylas always knows how much he is loved.

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