Captain’s Log day 2912

With Thanksgiving day passed, and Sylas going back to school this coming Monday, it feels like things could slow down for our house. But Sylas’ 8th birthday and Christmas right around the corner will give us plenty to keep busy.

I don’t think that I’ve posted on here about virtual learning yet. Three weeks ago someone had a wedding locally and there were about 300 guests in attendance. Many of our local teachers attended the wedding. The wedding caused a massive outbreak in the area because a couple that was at the wedding was ill with COVID. So our school and the surrounding schools decided on a two week quarantine to ensure that the teachers were not going to pass the illness to the students should they become positive.

It turned our world upside down for a little bit. I am not built to teach. Even though I have four children, and I have patience for their shenanigans, I don’t have the same kind of patience required to teach an unmotivated second-grader amongst the chaos of a noisy household. But we somehow made it. Hopefully we don’t have to revert back to it at a later date. It may be easier next time because the first few days of the learning curve are over. The clumsiness of getting logged into zoom and seesaw are much better now, and there is routine. I’m so glad he will be going back to school though.

I also had to self isolate for ten days because I was exposed at work to a co-worker that I work very closely with. We do have to wear masks all day so I think that helped me to stay healthy. Healthcare is different in the isolation protocols – at least around here. We can’t afford to lose staff, especially not large numbers of staff. So we have to report to work even after exposure and wear N95 masks until we meet the 7-10 day mark when we get tested. If positive, we have to stay home for ten days from onset of symptoms. It could absolutely change if the virus spreads rampantly through the department. I’m sure we would have to report to work if we were fever-free even if positive.

Thanksgiving was a little bit sad this year. We went to my parent’s house with my brother and sister-in-law. My other brother is in quarantine due to exposure so they stayed home and we face-timed with them for a bit. Hopefully Christmas won’t have any complications.

So far the kids are all safe and healthy – knock on wood – and so excited for Christmas. There is daily conversation about wish lists and Santa. I’m excited to watch them experience it again this year. Amalia is now old enough to understand the Santa bit, so she is excited too. It could be a little bitter-sweet because Sylas might not believe next year. That makes me sad to think about. I think I’m going to go with talking to him about “becoming Santa” and keeping the spirit alive though his own actions. “Being” Santa by giving without the expectation of receiving or commendation. That there’s a little part of Santa in all of us.

How do you talk to your kids about Santa Claus when they grow up?

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