Easy Baby Stroller Upgrade

Trendy mommy instagrammers are everywhere. They influence us to buy things that we don’t necessarily need – but they’re soo pretty right? From clothing to makeup to decor and everything in between, we just swipe up, and it is at our disposal to purchase. How convenient is that!

I’ve been a fan of leather detailing for a long time. My camera strap is made of leather, and I adore Sakura Bloom baby carriers because they offer leather options. I have eight of them, I’m so obsessed. I have faux leather couch pillows and our recliner is leather too. I really want a leather sofa, but not until we are past the peeing and pooping on furniture part of child-rearing. I just love how leather compliments nearly everything. You just add a touch of leather – vegan works just as well – and everything looks high end all of a sudden.

Trending lately on the influencer gram, are these super boujee baby strollers with leather detailing on the handlebars. They are beautiful, but can cost an arm and a leg in comparison to the same models without.

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So today, I’m going to share with you, a very cheap and easy hack to upgrade your stroller to give it a boujee touch. There’s perks to this as well, and not just for looks. Those black foam handlebars deteriorate over time and get flaky or sticky – or both. Sometimes that’s due to the age of the stroller or the way it was stored, other times it’s just because our hands sweat when we grip the handlebars and that can cause them to get flaky too. Covering it in leather will help keep your hands from getting black stuff all over them, and protect the longevity of your stroller. You can put it on your baby’s handlebar too, and you won’t have to worry about them teething on that yucky stuff anymore. Since leather is pretty strong, they won’t get a bite of foam. Plus, its just really pretty.

You won’t need a whole lot, and what you do need is really inexpensive. The first thing, obviously, is your plain boring stroller. Refurbishing an old one, or saving money and upgrading your brand new one, this project works for both. Next you’ll need to head to amazon and get a sew-on leather steering wheel wrap. They come in different colors, so you can choose what fits your style the best. The size will vary depending on your stroller though. So for this part, I used a tailors tape to measure the circumference and length of my handlebar. I already had one of these measuring tapes because they’re super handy for measuring lots of funky-shaped items. They sell them in the fabric section at most stores. Walmart has them, I’m pretty sure you could even find them at the dollar store if you had to. Also all craft stores as well.

I have the Contours Bliss pram/stroller and used the size M5. It was longer than my handlebar, so I cut off the excess, and ended up having just enough to do the baby’s handlebar too and it was also the perfect size. I also have the contours options double stroller and the M5 was too narrow for that. I think it will need the M6 size, but I haven’t measured it yet.

The steering wheel kit comes with two packs of thread, a leatherwork needle and instructions. So once you have your size picked out, and the amazon guy has dropped off your package, the first thing to do is take the steering wheel cover apart. There is a seam where the company has sewn the leather into a circle. I just took a seam ripper and cut those threads along that seam. Scissors will work just as well, but the finer the better. Once you have that done, it’s on to the sewing portion.

There are different methods/ stitches for sewing the handle wrap on, and the instruction sheet provides images as well as links to YouTube tutorials. Also, I didn’t remove my existing handlebar cover. I find that it gives the leather a little bit of a cushion when you grip it. If you decide to remove it. make sure you take your measurements without the cushion instead.

I ended up doing the stitch where you go in from the outside of the hole, pull through and go in from the outside hole on the other edge of the wrap and pull through. I hope that makes sense, but there’s tutorials if not. That stitch makes it looks like a bunch of V shapes. I started by tying a triple knot in one end of the thread and going through the first hole from the inside of the wrap (aka the fuzzy side, not the smooth side). Then I went to the opposite edge of the wrap and poked my needle through the first hole on that side from the outside (aka the smooth side, not the fuzzy side) and continued alternating sides, inserting the needle from the smooth side each time until I got to the other end. I even let Ivan help me out. The needle is for leather working so it isn’t sharp and it was a good hand-eye/fine motor exercise. As you’re sewing, just be sure to keep pulling your string tight to keep that seam nice and tight. Don’t pull too hard to break your string, but give it a little tug between stitches. Once you get going, there shouldn’t be any slippage of the thread.

Once I got to the other end. I just tied another triple knot on the last hole on the under side (fuzzy side). I flipped the leather up just a little so I could see what I was doing and just flipped it back down once I had the knot in place.

I love how it turned out. It completely changed the look of the stroller, and I did it for less than 20 dollars! It will help the longevity of the stroller, and up its resale value a little bit too.

Be sure to share photos in the comments if you decide to hack your stroller upgrade so we can see it too!

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