Noa’s One Year Update

Noa is officially ONE YEAR OLD!! I think this may have been the quickest year of my life. At Noa’s Doctor visit, she weighed 17lb 6.4ox and measured 27.24in tall. She wears 9-12 month clothes and size 4 diapers. She’s the busiest bee, getting into everything, exploring everything, eating everything… You can definitely tell that she’s one now. She is more toddler than baby these days. She throws fits when she gets things taken away from her or gets into dangerous predicaments – like climbing the stairs unsupervised because the gate was left open. She is going through a clingy phase for mommy at the moment. I don’t mind. I like that she wants to be worn again, though it does sometimes make chores a little harder. Noa is still not snuggly when it comes to rocking, she won’t sit still and is constantly up and down from the chair.

Noa loves music and dancing. She absolutely loves to be outside to explore. She loves rocks and sticks – sometimes she even tries to eat her treasures. If the front door opens, she is like a cat, darting to get outside. Noa loves all of the classic baby games like peek-a-boo and chasing/tickling games. She doesn’t like hair bows, and if she knows there’s one in her hair, she immediately reaches to take it out. I’ve gotten good at tricking her by having a second bow that isn’t in her hair and letting her “take it out” of her hair so she thinks she’s got it.

I can’t believe that my baby is one. She’s the sweetest little girl with the sweetest smile, deepest dimples and most infectious giggles. We love her to pieces. Happy first birthday, Noa Arlett.

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