Ivan’s 5 Year Update

Ivan James turned five this month! Ivan measured 3.28 feet tall and weighed 31.79 pounds. Hes a little guy like his mom. Ivan wears 3T clothes for the most part still, but is starting to get into some 4T. This fall we will probably have to size up in pants.

Ivan’s favorite food is still pizza. Any kind of pizza, all day, every day. Milk is his beverage of choice, preferably chocolate. He also likes macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, meatballs, peanut butter sandwiches – no jelly though – fruits, ham/bologna sandwiches and any sweet treats of course. He is my best eater so far out of all of the kids. He’s up to try just about anything once.

Ivan loves dinosaurs and all things Jurassic world. He is still in love with the Iron Giant movie and has a sampling of action figures now. He loves LEGOs and is very good at building them all by himself. Ivan is such a little artist too. He is really good at drawing. He loves to draw Godzilla and the Iron Giant along with stick portraits. You can definitely tell what and who he is drawing. He also loves to paint. He’s gotten into trouble a couple times for drawing on my furniture though. He also loves to be outside to ride his bike.

Ivan is a sweetheart, and so, so kind. He loves babies. He’s a little bit more shy than his big brother, but he does love to talk about things he’s passionate about. He always comes up to me to give me hugs around my waist and tell me “I love you, mom.” He loves to snuggle up on the couch and fall asleep next to me. He sometimes even tucks himself in on the couch and falls asleep when its getting close to bed time.

Ivan will start preschool this year. Though I had different plans for him, this world we live in with COVID has changed some of that. I plan to homeschool him this year instead of going to preschool. Maybe I’ll go into that more in a separate post. I’m very excited to begin that journey with him and watch him learn and grow.

I will say it every time, I can’t believe he’s five already. My sweet rainbow baby is growing up way too fast.

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