Noa’s 9 Month Update

Noa is NINE months old! She weighed 16 pounds at her check up and didn’t even cry when she had her finger poked for her cbc and lead level check. She wears 6 month onsies and shorts and 9-12 month tees. She is in size 4 diapers now and I think she will stay in them for a while.

Noa is officially walking. She took her first steps the last week of May, but was actually walking multiple steps by 8 months and 25 days old. She walks all the time now, albeit slowly and wobbly. Her thighs are still chunky but starting to slim now that she is so mobile. She just seems like a big girl now and not a little baby anymore.

Noa loves to play peek-a-boo and copy cat. She blinks when you wink and sticks her tongue out when you do it too. She doesn’t have any particular toy that she prefers just yet, but most anything musical and noisy or things she can chew are her favorite. She LOVES to play in the water outside and in the tub.

Noa loves any and all food. She will fight you for a bite from your plate if you don’t offer to share. She does pretty well with eating table foods, as long as they’re small pieces. Her pincer grasp is pretty good too. I literally can’t even think of a food she won’t eat.

She has five teeth now, two on bottom and three on top. That fourth top tooth is taking its sweet time, but its so close to out. I’m going to miss her toothy grin when more of her bottom teeth come in. Those two pearly whites are just too cute by themselves. I love the way she scrunches her nose and her eyes disappear when she smiles. And those deep precious dimples! To die for!

Noa is such a busy bee. Everything goes in her mouth. She climbs and explores everything. She is a momma’s girl and loves to keep me company. She is getting a touch of stranger danger, but she isn’t unfriendly or sad around those she doesn’t know. She is just so happy all the time. She’s such a precious girl, we love her so much.

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