Noa’s 8 Month Update

Noa is eight months old! I can’t believe that her birthday will be upon us before we know it. Noa doesn’t have an appointment for another month so I don’t know how much she weighs right now. She is in 6 month onsies and I got all of Amalia’s old clothes out and Noa can fit into 6-9 pants and 12m tees so we will probably just start letting her wear that stuff once she out grows the onsies. I don’t really do footed sleepers anymore because she can’t crawl well in them. Plus the weather has been nice and she gets hot in her sleep when she’s dressed in a sleeper. She is in size 3/4 diapers depending on the brand, but mostly 3. She just got her third tooth, one of her front top ones, and three more are quickly following behind. She has been sleeping a little bit more poorly because of that I think. It could also be because she is learning to walk. Yes, walk. She has a push walker that she loves to walk behind. She could make a thousand trips back and forth across the living room every day. She also cruises furniture and has started to let go to stand alone. I’ve had a feeling for quite a while now that she will be walking in her 9th month.

Noa is the busiest little bee. She loves to get things in her mouth, especially the things that don’t belong. She drags out the DVDs from the TV cabinet and takes everyone’s shoes off of the shelf. She loves grabbing the big kids toys from atop the coffee table. The bathroom will soon be an issue. If the light is left on – which the big kids do sometimes – she goes right in there and pulls up on the toilet. Gross. I can only imagine what she will be up to when she finds out there’s toilet paper in there. She loves the noisy door stopper springs. Her favorite toys right now are probably musical ones. She loves when I sing or play music. She will shake her head in a “no” while bopping up and down when she boogies. It’s the cutest thing, especially when she’s in ruffle bum pants. Sometimes she’ll make herself a bit too dizzy and fall to her butt, or topple over if she’s sitting.

She isn’t the most cuddly baby right now. I think she is just so busy trying to master all of these new things that she doesn’t have time to sit and rock or snuggle. Nursing her is a gymnastic tournament most times. She has herself upside down and sideways and backwards and any moment. Her feet are often in my face, or she will just stand up in my lap – all of this while never unlatching, by the way. She also gets easily distracted when she’s nursing which is often because our house is never quiet with four kids. She LOVES food. Any and all food is her favorite. She prefers real food to baby puree. She loves carrots and sweet potatoes from her baby food stash, but as far as real food, she loves all of it. Pizza, mashed potatoes, cooked carrots, rice and beans, bananas, toast, ice cream, cheesecake. There’s so much more than that. Fruits are a little sour to her right now, but that won’t stop her from eating them. I usually put some of our dinner in one of her teether things that is made for letting babies try foods without the worry of choking. She loves that. She has a good cry shesh/tantrum when the food is all gone. It’s pitifully funny.

Noa is such a happy baby. She is always smiling. She still rarely cries, she’s been that way since the second she was born. I can’t believe that we got so lucky to have the sweetest baby there is.

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