Captain’s Log Day 2,703

Spring has officially sprung here in this little place we call home. The weather has been hovering in the 60s with the occasional 80 degree day. We are outside every chance we can get. Every afternoon is spent outside. On my days off, we head to the lake to ride bikes and walk around the lakeside trails. The boys beg to wear shorts almost every day, though sometimes they have to compromise and put pants on when we head outside.

Sylas is down to his last two weeks of school for the year. I think we are all ready to be done with the homework. He still asks to go see his friends, and I hate having to tell him no. He understands why, but the indefinite timeline is hard to grasp, even for me. I’ll sure be glad to be done with the homeschooling game though. It can be a struggle sometimes. We both want it to be done with, but he and I both know that it has to be completed before we can play. Distractions for both Sylas and I are hard to work past also. We need the TV to entertain the littles, but then he can’t concentrate. So we go to another room only to be followed by the rest of the kids wondering what we are up to.

Javier went back to work last week, so we are easing our way into normal again. He still isn’t on his completely regular schedule. Some days are slower than others, so he comes home early or goes in later on those days. He takes the mornings off on the days that the kids would normally go to my parent’s house. I so enjoyed having him home every evening. Tackling the never ending to-dos of the evenings with his help was a life-changer while he was home.

I am so glad that the weather is getting nice enough to be outside and that we are actually having spring-like weather this year. I don’t know what we would do if it were still snowing and cold right now. There are days that I check out of parenting at 5pm and we CAN go outside.

We did end up going to a greenhouse a couple weeks ago. Yes, all six of us went and yes the kids did get out of the car. We went in the middle of the day on a weekday and there was only one other customer there while we were. It was all outdoors in the open air. Did I feel bad about it? Nope. It was so healing to get out of the house and actually go somewhere with the whole tribe. The kids were very respectful of space and we all stayed in our group and away from everyone else. Nobody but me set foot inside to pay, and even then, she had her doors propped wide open to let the fresh air in. It was such a gorgeous day. We went for a little countryside drive on the gravel back roads on the way home which was so nice too. I can’t even begin to tell you all how wonderful it was to go do that.


We got home and I let the kids plant their own flowers and get a little dirty. They thoroughly enjoyed it.

I am just like everyone else, and I have my good days and my bad days. I can’t wait for this to all be over. Monday – two days from now – our governor is going to start the process of opening our state back up. I’m hopeful that it goes smoothly. As long as everyone takes their precautions seriously, I think we can make it work. Even if we have to wear masks and stay six feet apart at all times for the summer, I think that is better than being cooped up at home. and we eventually have to let life get back to normal. But what do I know I guess.

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