Noa’s 7 Month Update

Noa is SEVEN months old! She is in 3-6 and some 6-9 month clothes and size 3 diapers. She is learning so many new things. Noa can crawl everywhere. She sits up and lays down from any position she is in. She can pull up and cruise now too! She loves to play “drums” and bang things together. She still has two teeth and likes to chew on everything. Everything goes in her mouth. She can somehow pick up the tiniest speck of dirt off of the floor and eat it, but cant maneuver a yogurt puff into her mouth. She is babbling mama dada baba sounds and knows that mama is my name. She knows her name now too.

Noa loves food. She has a cry sesh when the Popsicle is all gone, or the plate gets put away. Her favorite baby food is sweet potato but she loves most anything. She is more of a savory girl when it comes to food (fruit vs veggies), but she loves deserts too. Ice cream and popsicles are her favorite treats. Beware, when she sees anyone with a plate, she will crawl right over and try to take it from you while whining and grunting. She’s a total foodie.

She is losing some of her chunky thighs since she’s been standing up and doing those cute little squats. Her little rolls are still there, but are starting to shrink. She has the cutest little love handles that stick out the top of her pants. Her squishy cheeks and deep dimples are just darling. Now that the weather is starting to warm up, she can finally go with just a onsie on, or even a dress or romper and can show off all of those adorable baby rolls that we all love. Her hair on the back is coming in thick and getting longer. Her little side hair and the hair on top of her head is so ling. From the front it looks like she has so much hair, and then you turn her around and she’s got this circle of short fresh hair coming in on the back. I can give her pigtails with the long hair on the sides and you wouldn’t even be able to tell she didn’t have less hair on the back. She is starting to dislike bows, and pulls at them when I put them on her. Hopefully she will outgrow that and enjoy them unlike her sister.

Noa has been such a treasure. Everyone is smitten with her infectious smile and baby giggles. I still can’t believe that she’s this old already. Happy seven months, baby girl!

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