Noa’s 5 Month Update

Noa girl turned 5 months old on Valentines day. She’s such a happy baby. Noa has been learning lots of new things lately. She rolls both tummy to back and back to tummy, making her mobile now. She can make her way around a room just by rolling. She can reach out and grasp things now, which also means that she is into pinching and pulling hair and glasses. She loves to stand up – with help of course – and bobs up and down with her knees. She prefers to be upright and looking around, with frequent changes in scenery. She is starting to be able to sit up, though not quite on her own yet because she gets a little too excited and flails backwards. She is still a drooling machine, and I’m pretty sure she is getting her bottom teeth in. I can’t quite see them yet, but she’s chewing on everything, and somehow drooling even more than normal. She’s been grumpy since leaving her last leap a week ago and I think its her teeth bothering her. She seems like she likes it when I rub my finger over her gums.

We had influenza B at our house the last couple weeks and she managed to avoid it, so hopefully we can keep her away from it in the public too. RSV was rough on her so I can’t imagine what flu would do to her. Poor baby has been bombarded with sickness since the day she was born.

Noa is a momma’s girl. She instantly grins when she sees me. She loves to be my little helper around the house, so we babywear a lot. Its about the only way I can get anything done when she isn’t feeling 100. Yesterday, I took her with me out to dinner with some of my co-workers and they all cooed over her when we got there. For the first time ever, she got a little scared of people. She even got a little quivery lip when one of them tried to hold her. She is usually very friendly and smiley at everyone, so stranger danger has officially set in now.

I just can’t believe that she’s already five months old. I’m booking her six month photos soon, and before I know it, she’ll be well on her way to her first birthday. How?? My little baby is growing up so fast. It feels so much faster this time, probably because she is my last baby. I’m trying to soak in every bit of every stage while it lasts, ’cause I know I’m gonna miss it something awful.


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