Captain’s Log Day 2615

It has been a long time since blogging a captain’s log. Life is crazy at the moment. Sylas came down with influenza B over the past weekend and he is on his second day missing school. We’ve rearranged our work schedules for childcare. I feel like I’m sitting in shark-infested waters just waiting for the next kid to drop with this sickness, and crossing my fingers that nobody else does. We literally just got over a different cold strain too, on top of myself getting strep throat. Now we’ve got pink eye too. The thing that I absolutely hate about this season of life is the sickness. I will never miss this part. We are only healthy for a couple months in the summer and then the entire school year we’re battling sickness after sickness. I swear we’ve had every last bug that exists, and yet we somehow still wind up getting something else.

I’m exhausted, physically and mentally. I am waking up early this week to go to work and recoup some hours lost from having to stay home with sick kids. Yesterday I put in 11 hours, and today I’ll do nine. I’m trying to keep track of when medicine was given last and to whom, trying to sanitize things to help limit spread. I know that it is inevitable, but if even I could just prevent the baby from catching it, its worth the struggle of cleaning constantly. I can’t wait for spring. That darn groundhog had better be right.

I hate wishing time away because I want to treasure the moments that they’re still little, but this part is so hard.

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