Noa’s 4 Month Update

Noa is officially four months old! She had her appointment last week and she weighed in at 12lb 9.8oz which put her in the 16th percentile for weight, but she’s only the 1st percentile for height, so she’s going to be another petite girl like mama. She’s getting some chunky legs and a little belly on her. She is still in size 2 diapers, but I think its time to switch her closet yet again to the 3-6 month clothes. There are more things than not that are too tight in the 0-3 size.

Noa is going through her four month leap. She’s been a little fussier and more clingy than normal. She is also really into chewing on everything so I think she might be teething too. She loves her little red ball with holes in it and my thumb knuckle for chewing. She’s been less talkative lately but when she does talk, she’s pretty loud and squeals. She really wants to sit up and stand, so she is very wiggly and hard to hold. She is in a stage where she wants to be entertained every waking moment she has so I’m not getting a whole lot accomplished. She likes to be in a carrier or sling, but gets bored of the view. Like when I’m washing dishes and the scenery doesn’t change for a bit, she gets frustrated with me. So I tend to bounce from project to project to keep her happy. She’s also getting squirmy when nursing. She loves to fiddle with her hands and grab at my shirt, face, arm, etc. She does sleep pretty well though so I can’t complain about her being needy lately. She could totally be doing the four month sleep regression right now, but she still sleeps pretty well at night. She may wake up sooner some days, or her naps may be only thirty minutes, but night time is still regular. I feel more rested with Noa’s baby stage than with any of the rest of the kids, and its because she sleeps through the night. She does dream-nurse about twice, sometimes three times a night, but she doesn’t wake, she just stirs and that’s my cue to feed her. I’m sure that if I left her to stir long enough, she would cry, but we have a good system I guess.

Noa is our most chill baby of the four kids. She is so go-with-the-flow. We can take her anywhere and she will usually just sleep in the car and then as long as she is being worn or talked to in her stroller, she is golden. I hope that she never outgrows that. She is seriously just so easy. If every baby had her temperament, people would be having ten kids apiece. She is super happy almost always. Her stormy days on her leap chart are really the only days that she is hard to care for because she is having a rough day. \

I could gush on and on about how good a baby Noa is, but you get the point. We all love and adore her so much. Sylas is constantly telling me how cute she is. Ivan is so excited for her to be able to play, and Amalia loves to lay with her on the floor and hold hands. I feel absolutely smitten with my babies and how my family has grown, and Noa is the most perfect addition.

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