Sylas’ 7 Year Update

Sylas celebrated his golden birthday this month! He hasn’t had his checkup yet, so I don’t know how much he weighs or how tall he is, so I’ll insert that here ().Sylas comes up to my mid chest now. He wears size 4/xs in the boys section, though his pants are starting to get short and he is probably due for a wardrobe change soon. It is getting harder for me to carry him when he falls alseep in the car or on the couch. I can’t believe that the day is coming that I’ll carry my first baby for the last time.

Sylas’ requested his party theme be Transformers. He is really into that lately, though I’ve not let him watch the live action movies. Sylas is still very much into science. He loves any type of cephalopod (squid, octopus, ammonite) and he loves fossils and prehistoric sea creatures – not dinos though. He loves medical things as well, like germs and learning about the human body and how it works. He likes to play videogames like MarioKart, and Luigi’s mansion. He loves to watch youtube videos of science-y things and other people playing his favorite videogames – I don’t know that I’ll ever understand that one. Sylas is very much into pretending as well. He likes to play with Ivan where one of them is the bad guy and they create fake-fighting scenarios. Sometimes that leads to bickering, but they are pretty quick to forgive and get back at it.

Sylas is doing well in school. He excels in math and obviously science too. He reads very well in my opinion, but he enjoys it less that the rest of the curriculum. His penmanship is getting better and better. He has two best friends, Cameron and Blake. I think that he isn’t enjoying this school year as much as last year. He is always asking how many days until the next break. I think its partly because of how the class is more structured this year and there’s less play. His teacher is also older and, I feel, more strict than last year. Sylas has never had a problem at school this year, but I think she just has that vibe about her and it isn’t as fun for him this year.

Sylas is still my pickiest eater of all the kids. He takes a PB&J to school every day, usually with yogurt, crackers and a fruit. He eats breakfast at school most days, but I have no idea how much he actually eats of that. At home, he likes bagels, mac and cheese, pizza, quesadillas and cereal. He still doesn’t care for meats, but he will eat deli turkey and occasionally bologna.

Just after his birthday, he lost his first tooth on December 18th. His other top front tooth is starting to wiggle now too. He still has a little S lisp that is compounded now by his toothless smile. He is getting better with his R and L sounds. I can tell that he is deliberately trying to make those sounds correctly because sometimes when he is excited, his speech can falter and his R/L sounds are different.

Sylas is a typical oldest child. He’s my most obedient child. He will clean up when he’s told, though sometimes he will let me know that he doesn’t like it. He is a big helper around the house and his independence is growing. He makes his own sandwiches and snacks sometimes. He went through a little phase with his big emotions a while back. I’m still not sure if it was because of us bringing a new baby home or it was just a developmental phase. He would get angry with me when I told him no to toys or candy, etc. and instead of being disappointed or mildly disgruntled, he had a few all-out toddlers-type tantrums. They were pretty ridiculous for a nearly seven year old to be having. In front of God and everyone in the checkout at the science center gift shop and at the pediatricians office when he had his flu shot to name a couple. They really took me off guard because that is so not like him. He hasn’t done it again in a while, but I talked to him about dealing with his feelings in different ways instead of shouting, hitting and throwing things.

Sylas has been maturing so much this year. He’s turning into a big kid all of a sudden, though those moments when he needs me still come through. I still can’t believe that I have a seven year old child. There’s no way my baby is that old!

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