Noa’s 3 Month Update

Noa is ALREADY three months old! I can’t believe it! Noa doesn’t have an appointment this month, but I would guess she is about 11 pounds. She wears 0-3 month clothes, but she is pushing the limits on the footies. She’s in size 1 diapers until we use them all up and I’ll be putting her in size 2. I feel like that is so soon compared to my other kids! No is such a happy baby. It takes literally nothing to make her smile. I love the way her eyes disappear behind her cheeks when she grins. She seldom gets upset. She really doesn’t cry unless she gets tired of her view – she will stare at the same thing for quite a while though – or when she is up from her nap and needs me to come get her. She still loves to talk, coos and goos are her favorite. She is soooooo drooly. It seems like she is always wet with drool on her hands and shirt collar. Streams of it just drip from her mouth and when she babbles, she gets bubbles on her lips – which is pretty cute. I don’t think its from teething just yet, I think she is just going to be a drooler. Noa is still nursing really well and now that I’m back to work, my supply has gone up from pumping while I’m there so I’ve been able to freeze extra milk every 2-3 days because there’s too much for her to go through in the fridge already. It cracks me up, but Noa is also very regular with her number 2’s. She goes every day between 4-5pm and that’s it. She saves it for once a day and sometimes that can be detrimental. I can’t even count how many explosions we’ve had so far. It isn’t the fit of the diaper, there’s just so much poop because she hasn’t gone all day. At least its right in time for an evening bath anyway I suppose. My mom says she’s just efficient – ha! Noa loves her hands and she has learned how to work her legs. She stretches them out a lot and kicks. She is pretty wiggly now. If she is laying on a blanket on the floor, she can easily wind up somewhere else on the blanket in no time. She is really trying to roll over too. She can almost get there, but her butt just won’t follow her over yet. her head control is getting really good too. She still has an occasional nose dive where her head flops forward suddenly, but most of the time, she can hold her head up really well. For the time being, Noa is a really good sleeper. She wakes about 2 times a night to nurse and sleep-nurses when she does, so I really don’t even have to put her back to sleep. Nap time in the day, she will take a good three, sometimes four hour nap in the morning. She has been cat-napping in the afternoons lately. Her nap time gets disrupted while she is at grandma and papa’s house though. I think she is just going to have to adjust to their home and being in a different environment without mama there. She doesn’t nap very well for them. She can sometimes give them trouble with bottle feeding too. She does fine with all of that while she is at home without me though. She has been at home with daddy and Aunt Ellenore without mama there and she keeps her schedule pretty much the same as if it were me there. She also does fine when we have an all-day outing and I am with her. So I think she is just going to have to get used to being at their house without me. I know that the four month sleep regression and leap is coming up soon, so all of this will probably change. I hope that she doesn’t lose too much sleep, but I’m not super hopeful either. I feel like she’s been such a joy to this point that eventually, she’ll turn into a grumpy baby. So I’ll just enjoy my happy girl now.

I babywear her a lot. even more than with Ivan – and I wore him all over because he was colicky. I relish every moment I can get with her close to me. Noa is just such a good baby. I feel so blessed to have her in our family. She has been a treasure, and I love watching her learn and grow. I am so excited to see what is in store in the coming months, but time could slow down just a little bit too.


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