Noa’s Two Month Update

Our sweet girl turned two months old last week! Time is flying, and I’m not ready! Our house has been busy and hectic and my hands are full. I feel like I never have time to get a post up on the blog.

Noa is in 0-3 month clothes and size 1 diapers now. She can wear some 3-6 month pants because her belly is pretty round, but her legs are short so they don’t always fit quite right. She weighed 10lb9oz at her checkup, so she’s gaining exactly two pounds a month so far. Noa is in the midst of her second developmental leap, so she’s been cranky and not napping well lately. She’s still a happy girl most of the time, even during her leaps. She smiles so much and I almost got a laugh from her yesterday. She loves to talk, and she says “goo” all the time. She loves to hold conversations. That’s her favorite thing. I wonder if she won’t be my early talker. She has found her arms and legs and flails them all over the place. She’s pretty wiggly and harder to hold now that she’s busy with her limbs. I don’t cradle her much unless she’s nursing anymore. That makes me so sad. She loves her hands now too and sucks on them a lot. There’s usually drool everywhere. She can also get up in her sides when she lays on the floor. She has pretty good strength in her neck, but she can still be wobbly sometimes. She loves to sleep on my chest, tummy to tummy which makes me so happy. I love to hold a sleeping baby like that.

Noa loves bath time so it is part of our nightly routine. I don’t always bathe her with soap, but she always gets in the bath for a short bit just to keep the routine consistent. I really think it helps her wind down for bedtime. Noa has a bm routine that is a little different than any of my other kids had. She only goes number 2 once a day. There was a little stint when she would have a mega blowout every time she went, but that is getting better. Sometimes we cut it pretty close though. She has plenty of wet diapers throughout the day though.

Noa is still exclusively breastfed and doing great. She usually eats about every 2-3 hours in the daytime. She can go 3-4 hours at night which is wonderful. When she’s in a leap, her bedtime sleep is ok, but not like her usual nights. She tends to wake around 3-4am and doesn’t want to go to sleep right after she feeds. She has taken a bottle a few times and does extremely well with them. I’m so thankful for that because it makes my going back to work just a little bit less stressful. Couple that with the fact that I have over 70 ounces of milk stashed away already and I feel prepared.

Speaking of going back to work, I only have two weeks today left of my leave. It goes by entirely too fast. I can’t believe she’s already ten weeks old. My baby is growing way too fast. It somehow seems even faster now since she’s my last. All of her firsts are coming so quickly I think. I’m trying to soak it all in because before I realize it, she’ll be one.

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