Noa’s One Month Update

It has been a hectic couple of weeks at our house. I didn’t end up finding time to get Noa’s three week update written, so I’ll just write about the last two weeks in one!

First off, we caught our second cold since Noa has been born, and unfortunately she caught it too. Its going on two weeks now. Mine turned into an ear infection a couple days in, so I went to the doctor and got on antibiotics, which is kind of hard to do when nursing and allergic to penicillins. I’m finally on the mend, but Noa still has a cough, poor baby. I ended up with a cold sore over the ordeal too. I don’t get them too terribly often, maybe twice a year if that, but I think my immune system has just been under a lot of stress this past month. I was so scared of giving it to Noa, so I was super careful with hand washing, keeping things to myself and making sure to not kiss on my baby. Man if that wasn’t hard. Thankfully I got it cleared up pretty quickly. My dad’s older brother passed away at the beginning of the month as well, so we were at another funeral for him. Thankfully that one was more local.

As far as Noa’s development goes, She is growing like a little weed! She had her one month checkup yesterday where she weighed in at 8 pounds 9 ounces, which is exactly two pounds gained since birth. She measured 19.88 inches. She is pushing the limits on some of her newborn clothes and I’ve officially put her in size one diapers. I didn’t think that buying size 1 diapers would be an emotional feat, but it made me sad that the last diaper in the newborn package would be the last one I’d ever change in that size. I have a feeling that I’ll be noticing lots of emotional lasts with this girl. I have a feeling that she will take after her big brother Ivan in her growth. He was my chunky baby, and I think that she will be like that too. Amalia was ten pounds at four months old, and Noa will probably surpass that. She feels so much bigger in my arms already. Her skin isn’t flaky anymore, but her hair is greasy sometimes and she has been breaking out on her cheeks. I had Javier switch to the same body wash that I use to see if that helps, and everyone that doesn’t live in our household uses a blanket or burp rag as a barrier between them to help keep her skin away from any laundry detergent/perfume that they may use. It could also just be plain old baby acne that can’t be helped. Her daytime sleep has gotten better too. She now splits her wake times into 2-3 stints instead of one huge one. That has helped a lot. She doesn’t get as grumpy, and makes it more manageable to keep her entertained when she is awake. It also helps not take away such a huge chunk of time from the big kids.

Nursing is going really well. I don’t pump very often, maybe once a week and get about 3 ounces. I’m super happy with that amount though, because I’ve got plenty of time to get a stock. Noa has been spitting up more than usual, but I think that it has a lot to do with her mucus from the cold more than just spitting up. I’m so thankful that our nursing journey has been pretty smooth sailing so far.

The big kids are doing well adjusting. Amalia is still having some outbursts, but its getting better. I try to spend some special time with each child every day. I’m not perfect by any means and some days, it just doesn’t happen. Mom guilt is real when it comes to that. I wish I could take the kids outside during the day more, but the weather has been pretty chilly lately. The wind has been pretty strong too, and its been rainy more often than not. Its been a big difference from last year. I just can’t take Noa out for long periods because of the cold, compounded with the fact that she is sick, and I really just can’t get out as often as I’d like. When the weather is nice though, we are the first to go outside on our block.

I’m pretty much back to myself. My baby blues are nonexistent and I’m not bleeding anymore. I’ve been off of my blood pressure medicine for almost two weeks now, and it is back down to perfectly normal. I’m still squishy but that is just going to take time. My pre pregnancy clothes fit, though some things are just not flattering anymore. Again, that just comes with time. My hair is starting to shed – boo – and it is going through some hormonal changes. It is super frizzy and dry and all of my baby hairs up by my face stick straight out. I feel just absolutely glowing hahaha. I probably actually look like a half dead pigeon or something. I’m embracing it for what its worth though. I have three kids and a newborn is my favorite excuse for literally everything right now, and darn it if I didn’t earn the right to use it!

Time is just flying by. I’m trying to absorb every moment of this time with my last baby, commit everything to memory, though I know that the sleep deprivation and busy schedule will drown out so much of this time. I have found myself letting lots of things go that I normally wouldn’t, but I wouldn’t trade this time for the cleanest house in the world. There’ll be plenty of time to pick up toys later.

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