Noa’s Two Week Update

Noa is two weeks old already! I’ll say it till the end of time, this is going way too fast. She is growing and changing so much. She is already losing that newborn look. She outgrew preemie clothes already and newborn things are fitting her really well. She’s getting a little milk belly now too. Her skin is still flaky in patches, mostly her ankles, but her face went through a little peely phase this week too. She is still – knock on wood – sleeping pretty well for us at night. Her night schedule is still about the same for feeding and changing. Her wake times are usually morning for a stint and again in the evening. The evening one is longer usually and she is a little bit harder in the evening. She just doesn’t want put down while she’s awake in the evening. Which is ok, but she likes position changes too. And evenings are busy at our house, getting dinner bath and bed routine started, and Sylas usually has a little homework to do. Once she’s out for the night though, she’s been golden. I’m crossing my fingers that night sleep doesn’t change too much for everyone’s sake. Noa grins a lot in that early sleep stage still which is so precious. We’ve gotten lots of pictures of those sweet sleepy grins. I am so excited to see her smile at me for the first time. That is always such a special moment, and even more so now, since she is our last baby.

Nursing is going well so far. There’s no more pain and her latch is getting better and better as she grows. My supply had leveled out and I haven’t pumped in a few days. I don’t know if it is because of the blood pressure medicine or my body just catching up with her pace and not making extra. I do think that I have a pretty strong letdown, which I’ve had before with the other kids. She gasps some when she first gets going and unlatches sometimes to catch her breath. That ends up making us both wet, but I’m not spraying everywhere like I did with Sylas. She just drools some out when she pops off. I am glad that I have enough of a stash for my first day back so that I can pump to replenish while I’m at work. Ideally I’d like to have a few more bags stored up, so I may try to pump every couple days to build up some supply. I don’t want to over do it and get engorged and get mastitis though. I’ve been super lucky to not have that. I’ve been really fortunate to have had nice breastfeeding journeys with all of my babies so far.

So far, the big kids are still adjusting well. Amalia is having less fits, and she’s slowly getting used to not getting instant gratification for things and waiting her turn. The boys are pretty well adjusted since this isn’t their first rodeo.

Postpartum for me has gotten much better. I feel good, bleeding is mostly spotting now and I don’t have any more pain in that regard. Hemorrhoids are gone and I’m feeling myself. My pubic symphisis disorder is still bugging me. My hips are just sore and stiff feeling sometimes. It is still hard to roll over in bed and if I sit too long I feel stiff. I did have an OMM (osteopathic manipulative medicine) manipulation when I had my blood pressure follow up last Monday. It did seem to help so I may make another appointment to have that done again. It’s like a mix between chiropractic work, acupressure and massage. My blood pressure is getting back to normal. I checked it yesterday morning and it was actually low, so I’m weaning off the labetalol, trying to take two a day instead of three. I’m down to 123lbs which is less than what I weighed pre pregnancy this time. I’m pretty proud of that. I’m still pretty squishy and soft, and I have no muscle tone in my abs. But I am not disappointed in the way my postpartum body looks. I don’t think Noa gave me any new stretch marks either.

Normally for me, the hormonal baby blues phase lasts a week or two. It’s not PPD, but that sudden crash of hormones that comes with postpartum. Mine usually starts around day 3-4 and lasts a couple weeks. But it suddenly disappeared when I started taking my blood pressure medicine. I had read that the one I’m taking can cause depression so I was worried about PPD. It seems to maybe have the opposite effect on me. I had not cried in several days after starting the medicine. Usually my baby blues phase makes that a daily occurrence for me. I cry out of the blue, silly things make me cry, both happy and sad. But that stopped when I started labetalol. Since weaning it starting yesterday, I noticed that I got emotional today. I didn’t cry, but felt like I could have. I really think the medicine is what was causing it.

Noa has been the perfect addition to our family. I can’t believe I’m a mom of four wonderful kiddos. How lucky can one girl be?

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