Noa’s One Week Update

Yesterday Noa turned one week old. Time is flying by, I just want her to stay this little forever. She is definitely coming out of that sleepy phase. Yesterday she was more alert when she was awake, and was awake for longer when she was up. She stayed up a teeny bit later last night as well. I don’t want to jinx it, but so far she has been sleeping pretty well. I nurse her about 3-4 times a night depending on how early I get up for the day. I try to nurse her as soon as she is stirring and she hasn’t cried yet for a feeding. We change her 2-3 times in the night too. Usually that is Javier’s duty, but sometimes I’ll take one of the last ones if I have to get up to go to the bathroom. Her little pimples on her nose are starting to disappear and her skin is getting flaky now. Her cord fell off at day 5 which I thought was soon. It has a teeny bit of a bloody scab in there still so I haven’t fully bathed her yet, but I’ve washed her hair twice and given her a wipe down and some lotion. By her firs checkup on Wednesday, she had gained all of her weight back plus .4 ounces. She went from 6lb9oz to 6lb5oz and back up to 6lb9.4oz. She’s in preemie clothes right now, I tried a newborn sleeper on her and her arms were drowning in it. She is in newborn diapers. I bought a preemie size pack and we went through them but the newborn for her well, so I just switched her over. She does really well so far. She sleeps through all the noise of the big kids, and I can even vacuum right next to her and she won’t stir. We went to my Uncle’s funeral Thursday where they had a motorcycle tribute ride afterward and she didn’t make a peep when the 20 bikes thundered through. The only thing that really makes her upset is when she’s dirty or the kids pester her when she’s sleeping.

Nursing has been going well. I’m not really sore anymore and that ended at the one week mark. I had some chapped and sore nipples for a few days, but I treated it religiously with lanolin and some gel soothing pads. About every 2-3 days I can pump 4oz so I’ve got a little stash started. I’d love to be able to donate when we get near her first year.

The big kids are doing well transitioning to a family of six. Amalia has been acting out a little bit more which is normal. I try to spend some special time with everyone each day, though it is sometimes a smaller amount. Ivan is absolutely in love with Noa. Sylas did the same with Amalia when she was born. Ivan is the one constantly asking to hold her and he kisses her head, whispers “I love you” to her and loves to sit with me while I rock her. Ivan gave me a scare yesterday when I was in the kitchen fixing their lunch plates and he came marching into the kitchen saying “look mom, I’m carrying baby sister!” He was so proud of himself. I didn’t want to shame him for fear of him resenting her, but also firmly let him know that he needed to ask for my help before doing that next time. Sylas has asked to hold her also, and wants his picture taken with her. Amalia wants to help me pick her up from the bassinet and she is dying to carry her by herself. She is always wanting to sit by me when I’m nursing or rocking Noa to sleep.

As far as postpartum for me, everything was going pretty well until yesterday. I had minimal bleeding, swelling was nearly nonexistent. My rings fit me just like before baby and everything generally looked good. I had elevated blood pressure at the end of pregnancy, but my urine looked fine. Immediately after she was born, my blood pressure dropped a good bit so I thought that was a good sign that it was going to get better. It ended up going back up to what it had been (140s/90s) by the time I was discharged. Labs still looked fine and I was asymptomatic – no headache etc. I started to feel off on Friday. Saturday morning, which was one week on the dot, I woke up with tightness in my chest and I had a very mild headache around my sinus. I have a cold so I brushed that off as a sinus headache. It wasn’t even bad enough to take a Tylenol. I decided to check my blood pressure later in the morning. The chest tightness reminded me of what happened when I was postpartum with Ivan. It registered at 157/103. It was the highest I had seen it get so I decided to have Javier take me to the ER when he came home on his break. My parents sat with the kids while we went with Noa. When I got there, my blood pressure registered as 202/111. They decided to re take it on my other arm, and it was still just as high. I was shocked that it had climbed so much. They did a manual check as well and it was still 175/100. They placed an IV and gave me a dose of labetalol and took blood and urine to check for preeclampsia. I got very tired from the medicine. At that point I was worried that I would be admitted. The labetalol brought it down some, but not enough so they gave me a vasodilator as well. My face got very red and my sinuses got super congested right after that. Between the two of those drugs, and two pressure checks later, I was back down to 140/90. They sent me home with a prescription for 100mg labetalol 3x a day and I’ll be following up with my OB doctor this week. I’ve taken two doses so far and my blood pressure is in the 130s/high80s when being sedentary and 120s/80s after I’ve been doing housework or running around. I was pretty worried when I realized that I was having a hypertensive emergency. I never imagined it was that high. And by that point, I had no more headache that I had in the morning. The vasodilator gave me a pretty bad headache when I got home, and I felt very drugged and sleepy. My parents ended up taking the big kids home with them for the night so that I could rest. Hopefully I’m on the mend and can get off of this medication soon. I haven’t noticed that it has affected Noa at all yet. It is nursing safe, but does pass a very tiny amount into breastmilk. I still want to get off of it as soon as possible.

Just like her birth, we had a pretty eventful first week with our baby girl. We are so in love with her.

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