Bump Date Week 37

Its week 37! We have officially made it to “term” so baby girl can come any time now. I have my doctor’s appointment later this morning, so we shall see where we are at this week. Things have been steady this week symptom-wise. I’m tired and achy and ready to meet her. Heartburn, sonic ice, back aches, sore hips, round ligament pains, prodromal contractions, extreme food aversions – I just don’t want to eat at all – elevated blood pressure, hemorrhoids, sleepless nights and fatigue just to name a few.

I swear if one more person says “you’re still pregnant?” or “when are you due?” or “Has she dropped?” I think I’ll explode. Literally everyone I meet asks one of those questions, stranger or not, and believe me, nobody wants her out of my body more than me. I’ve been kind of grouchy lately once again, not just with the constant questions about my due date, but with everyone in general. The kids are too loud, Javier can’t do anything right, and I’m too tired to do it myself. I hope that all of this means that the end is drawing near.

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