Bump Date Week 36

Its week 36 people! I am so ready to meet our baby girl! This week has been a little bit harder for me. My blood pressure is ever so slightly rising, week by week, and it is nearing the “high blood pressure” cut off of 140/90. So far my doctor doesn’t seem too concerned because my urine is still without protein. I did have a very mild headache yesterday, and some more swelling than usual in my ankles, and my pressure was in the 140s. I had my appointment yesterday and I am now between 2-3cm dilated, up from 1-2 last week. My vision is also changing, but I think it is more a fluid retention vs my blood pressure. It happened last time too. I started taking my raspberry leaf capsules this week, but I haven’t bought any vitamin D, which I think I need to take, since I’m getting a rash – I always get a rash on my inner elbow when I get low on it.

I’ve been dealing with a little bit of anxiety this week as well. Sylas has officially brought home our first cold of the season. He also gave himself pinkeye from his cold. I feel like he always does that when he is sick. It makes me anxious because I haven’t gotten it yet, but I definitely will and I don’t want to be in labor and can’t breathe through my nose because I’m stuffed up and coughing. That is how I like to labor, by concentrating on breathing deeply, and I can’t do that when I can hardly breathe to begin with. I also don’t look forward to bringing a new baby home to a house infested with a cold. It is inevitable that she get sick from something he will bring home at some point, I just wish we could do without for just a little while. My blood pressure creeping up has also made me anxious. I want us to be safe and healthy, but I also want her to take as long as she needs before she comes.

As far as everything else, it has been pretty steadily the same. I still love sonic ice. I’ve been liking to snack on Hawaiian bread rolls, which is so random, but I made myself one when the kids had asked me to make theirs, and I’ve been kind of hooked since. My hips are still sore and pop when I walk. My back and sides of my belly ache, and I still get that sharp round ligament pain from time to time. I’m just generally tired, and haven’t been doing much in the way of cleaning or housework. Bare minimum I would say. I’m trying to relax and put my feet up as often as I can with three kiddos. I toss and turn a lot in my sleep because my hips start to get tired and sore, so I haven’t been sleeping well. The  night before last, I had a really random dream that someone in a truck was following me as I was leaving work – on night shift, which I don’t work – and trying to abduct me. That woke me up with my heart racing. I have no idea where that came from. I’ve also been having some vague dreams about the baby and just being in the hospital with her once she comes. Nothing strange though.

I still need to pack the kids overnight bags and get all of that situated. I have a list of things that need thrown in my bag last minute also. Everything else is pretty much ready. The car seat base is installed, so we just have to snap the seat in when its time to go. I have everything washed and ready, our bag mostly packed. I’m waiting for some after ease drops to come in the mail. They should be here by next Tuesday. I’m hopeful that the amazon reviews ring true and that it really helps with after pains. I am definitely not looking forward to those. I’m not looking forward to the pain, I don’t think anyone ever does, but I am so looking forward to getting her here. I can’t wait for that.  Those first couple weeks are bliss, even through the tiredness. My favorite part is probably that postpartum high that you get where everything is just beautiful and your heart is so full of love that its overflowing.

I am so ready to meet this girl, and start our journey as a family of six!

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