Bump Date Week 35

We’re 35 weeks in people! I had my doctor’s appointment yesterday where they told me that I’m between 1-2cm dilated, but not very effaced yet. I’ve lost 3lbs in the two weeks since my last appointment. My belly is definitely growing though, so its me that lost the weight and not baby. My blood pressure is still hanging out in the 130s, and the upper 80s-90s on bottom. The doctor isn’t concerned yet because I’m not symptomatic of pre-e and my urine is tested at every appointment and its clear of protein so far. That is a relief, but I still plan to monitor myself at home. I feel like she is a lot lower than she was, as my pelvis is sore, and my round ligaments are having a hard time. I am having a lot of pain in the sides of my belly and my groin – aka round ligament pain – but it is a lot worse than my usual. If I walk too far or too quickly, it can get pretty painful, and I start to do the penguin waddle. I also noticed that when she rolls around or pushes her butt/feet against my upper body, I feel lots of pressure down low. It is also quite uncomfortable. My braxton hicks are turning into prodromal contractions once in a while. Last Friday night, I had some that were painful enough that I found myself breathing through them. I went to bed and they didn’t keep me awake or disturb me at all, and must have stopped at some point in the night. They tend to happen in the evening/ closer to bed time, and they don’t let up with typical position changes or extra fluids like BH do. Swelling in my ankles by the days end is a thing now. It isn’t terrible, but noticeable. My fingers are swollen in the mornings, but wears off by afternoon. I did end up taking my rings off this week, just because the morning swelling makes them tighter than I ‘d like. My heartburn is back in full swing, and I’ve  been taking Zantac and Tums every day because if I don’t, its unbearable. I try to eat as bland of food as possible, but sometimes its hard. I still munch on sonic ice daily, probably 2 tumblers or more a day, plus my regular water intake, so I’m staying pretty hydrated. I ended up taking yesterday off from work, just because. I am starting to check out of life, just anxiously waiting for baby girl to come. I’m tired and don’t sleep well at night because my hips start to ache if I don’t roll over to switch sides often. I have taken a couple daytime naps this week, which is very unusual for me, but I felt better afterwards. I’ve got my ragweed allergies now too since its August, but I think I also have some sort of cold, or maybe the start of an ear infection. I’m not really sure. My left ear aches some, and my lymph under my left jaw is swollen. I’ve been coughing some too, but that could be from allergies. Ivan has been coughing some too, and that makes me think he is allergic as well. Nobody else seems sick yet. I’m hoping that Sylas can keep the germs away until well after baby is born. I would absolutely hate to have a cold when I go into labor and bring a brand new baby into a sick house. It is bound to happen though. Sylas always brings home germs from school not long after the start of the year.

I have a feeling she will be joining us the first couple weeks of September. I don’t know why I feel that, but I do. I’m ready to meet her too, and the uncomfortable part is really starting to get to me. We are all ready for her to arrive. Her car seat came Monday, and I’ve got everything washed and ready to go. Our hospital bag is packed save for my daily essentials – hair brush, toothbrush/paste etc. but I have it all down on a list so that I know what I need to throw in when the time comes. We have our tentative childcare plans laid out for the different scenarios of when labor could start, timing wise. Everything is ready for her to come, and now we wait.

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