Bump Date Week 34

Its getting down to the wire! Week 34 has been met with some more discomfort as baby girl gets ever bigger. I’ve had the round ligament spasms, and a heaviness in my pelvis. Once in a while, she pushes with her feet and her head makes my cervix hurt. My lower back aches off and on, and I’ve had a couple bouts of sciatica. She is still rolling and kicking a lot, just much more pronounced, as there is less room for her to move without protruding every time she does. I took the last dose of prilosec, and my heartburn came back, though not as bad as it was. I took a zantac one night because it was bothering me. Last night, we went out for ice cream and that did help keep it much more mild and less painful. I’ve noticed that I am eating pretty frequently in the afternoons, but my meals are tiny. I get full off of so little, but I’m hungry again in a couple  hours. I think while I’m at work I don’t eat as often because I stay too busy to think about hunger.

I’ve still been checking my blood pressure at home. It is always highest in the morning – as expected – and it is in the 130’s over upper 80’s. Later in the day, once I get going, It comes down to my pregnancy usual 120’s over mid 80’s. My swelling in my ankles is very minimal, and usually only if I’ve had a long day on my feet. I’m trying to take it easy, and sit more at work. My fingers are still swollen in the mornings, but not too bad. I did forget to put my rings back on after a shower a couple days ago, and I just haven’t put them back on yet. I don’t think I will until after baby is born. My left thumb knuckle closest to the nail has been aching. If I try to bend it completely, it hurts. Its not excruciating, but it does ache. It also is the only finger that stays swollen throughout the day. I don’t really know what that is all about, but I have read that pregnancy swelling can cause carpal tunnel syndrome. It just seems strange to me that it is in my left hand. I am not ambidextrous at all and am very much right-handed. I don’t recall jamming it or hurting it for my joint to be sore. I plan to bring it up with my doctor at my next week appointment just so that he knows.

Everything on baby girl’s end seems to be going well. I can kind of tell that she is getting bigger. I don’t normally feel any bigger, but then I’ll notice that my belly touches the sink or counter when washing my hands or cooking. Its getting harder and harder to maneuver myself from bed or to the floor to sit and play. She is still having her regular wake and sleep times, though I think that those sporadic movements in between – which I think were just dream movements on her end – have slowed some. Not to the point of worry, I think she is just working on resting and growing, and that surely wears her out.

The kids are all excited to see her. Ivan asked me the other day If she was done yet – haha. The boys are always asking “when is the new baby?” and are very excited to see that things around the house are changing in order to prepare for her arrival. When I moved their car seats to the back row of the car, they were so excited. Amalia is still a little confused, but I know that she will be happy to have a real baby of her own to touch and hold. She has given kisses on my belly when I tell her that baby sister is in there. I think she thinks I’m pretending that my belly is a baby doll or something. Of all the kids, she may have the hardest time adjusting once the newness wears off. I know that she will be excited about having a real baby, but I think that once it hits her that she isn’t going to get all of the attention she once did, it will be hard for her to accept. It is always a hard adjustment to make, going from the youngest/only child to being a big sibling.  I hope to spend lots of cuddle and playtime with her when sister naps to make up for it.

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