Ivan’s 4 Year Update

Ivan is four years old!! This post and posts like it are for myself to look back on what my kids were like when they were little.

Ivan has grown and changed so much this year. He is turning into a big boy that’s for sure. At his appointment, he weighed in at 29 pounds and 37 inches tall. He is in the 3rd percentile, but when his doctor showed me his growth chart, he is perfectly, exactly where his chart trends. He has not deviated at all from his predicted growth chart which was so funny to her how precisely he is growing.

His favorite things to do are play with Legos, anything dinosaurs, Transformers, The Iron Giant, and riding his balance bike. He is also very creative and loves to draw and color. He is actually very good at drawing, especially people. A while back in the spring, he drew a portrait of him and papa sitting in papas recliner reading, and you could absolutely tell what the picture was. He’s still a little bit of a daredevil, and he doesn’t have much fear of anything. He is still the child that brushes off boo-boos like they’re nothing, and isn’t afraid of shots or the dentist like his big brother. He is still a snuggly bug, and loves to cuddle before bed. He does like to watch some TV, but he would absolutely rather be outside playing or building his Legos.

Ivan likes to eat a lot more of a variety than his big brother. His favorite food, by far, is pizza though. He likes ham sandwiches, meatballs, pasta, macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese, taquitos as long as they aren’t spicy, apples, grapes, bananas, pears, peaches, watermelon – he could eat a whole watermelon – and he is willing to try just about anything once. He is definitely my best eater. He does go through phases where he prefers to snack, and doesn’t eat more than one good meal in a day and snacks for the rest, but then he hits me with a growth-spurt-hunger and he eats everything in sight.

Ivan is learning lots of new things. His speech is amazing, especially when I once thought he would need therapy at one time because he just wouldn’t talk. He still has a toddler type accent with some words, but I can understand almost everything he says. He knows colors, and is working on counting. I am going to really try and sit down with him to learn some of the alphabet and numbers while I’m on leave and while Sylas is at school. His birthday fell two days after the preschool cut off, so he would have had to go to two years of pre-k if we had enrolled him this year. We were considering it, but given the hectic time frame, we decided it would be better to keep him home one more year. So I’m going to really work with him this year to help him get a head start to learning everything he needs for pre-K next fall. He is old enough to enroll in soccer, and I’ve been bringing up the subject with him to see if he would be interested in that this year for something to get him in with some peers.

These last four years seem to have flown by. How is my rainbow baby FOUR? I’m so proud of him and all that he has accomplished this last year, and I am excited to see where the next year takes us.

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