Bump Date Week 33

Its week 33! I had my Ob appointment yesterday afternoon and had a little scare. My systolic blood pressure was in the 140s. They ended up re checking it before I left and it had dropped into the 130s, but that is still high for me. Pre pregnancy and in early pregnancy I usually run in the upper teens, and while pregnant, in the lower 120s. They asked me all of the questions about headaches and such. I told them that I felt fine, which at the time I did. I got myself freaked out though. Thinking back, I had a headache on Monday – two days before my appointment – when we had our 3d ultrasound. I figured it was from walking a lot that day and wrangling kids around. I got out my home blood pressure monitor and took it a few times yesterday evening, and it was in the 120s all three times I checked it. I checked it this morning when I got ready for work and it was 131/88. I don’t know what to think now, because last night, I had just thought that it was a fluke. I had a  busier day at work, walked a lot, and I did have a Fanta in the morning which is something that I never do. My appointment was also in the afternoon and I usually have them in the mornings. I was also hot that day, and it was only in the upper 80s outside, but I was not comfortable outdoors. I’m going to keep monitoring my pressure to be safe, and my doctor wasn’t too worried because he still just wanted to see me in 2 more weeks.

Another symptom that I wasn’t worried about until yesterday is swelling. I get swollen ankles by the afternoon, though I wake up in the morning and they’re back to normal. My fingers are the opposite, and are swollen in the morning and by afternoon, my rings are loose. The swelling isn’t severe, and probably not noticeable to anyone but me. I also have a very slight headache this morning. It isn’t bad at all, and I wonder if its not just me psyching myself out. Its that mild that I honestly can’t tell.

Baby girl seems to be doing just fine though. She’s moving a lot and has her wake and sleep cycle still pretty regular. She still gets hiccups often too. Most of the time she is either facing straight forward, or has her back on my left side and appendages on my right. She doesn’t like to be poked at, as evidenced at our 3D ultrasound. She made a crying face when we tried to get her to scooch over and poked her butt. It was the sweetest little sad face ever.

Everything else for me is about the same. I’m still craving Sonic ice chips and not much else. I missed a day of prilosec and my heartburn came back the next day. I thought it was supposed to work for up to four months after I ended my dosage, so I figured that missing one dose wouldn’t cause it to come back so quickly. I have learned my lesson now and definitely won’t do that again. I’ve been trying to eat mild/bland foods to help and I try and eat 3 hours before bed, but that doesn’t always happen. I wake up in the morning really hungry when I do though. I’ve been having some sciatic pain here and there, though nothing that has lasted a full day yet. When I don’t wear my Blanqui support top, my back aches, so I’m wearing one constantly now and washing them all the time it seems. I’ve gotten a hot flash or two which is new. (TMI) I’ve had looser stools lately and I have hemorrhoids that I’ve been treating. So that will be just wonderful postpartum, because they will be much larger and more painful.

I’m at the point where I am ready for her to get here. I want to meet her, and I’m anxious to be on leave now. I have dreams about being in the hospital, nursing her, her siblings meeting her, and coming home for the first time. I am starting to want to pack my hospital bag, and Javier and I have talked over plans for the kids while I’m in the hospital. It really will just depend on when she decides to come. Weekdays, Sylas will have school, so Javier will have to go home at night to be with him, while Ivan and Amalia will probably just stay with my parents until we come home. If its a weekend, Javier could stay with me for at least a night. My parents may have to stay at our place to get Sylas off to school if the timing works out that Javier and I are at the hospital before he can get on the bus. So we have plans for all of that sort-of worked out.

I’ve got all of my baby/postpartum buys but one. Next week we are going to order our new car seat, and I’m going to be getting some of the straggler packages in the mail this week. I needed some new nursing bras and tanks, and I got myself a pair of support/compression leggings and a set of new bottles just in case. I ordered one last outfit that I had my eye on, and got her a Moses basket on Etsy that should be coming in a couple weeks. All of her clothes and blankets are washed and put away, except for the couple outfits that I plan to put in our hospital bag. I have her letter board all ready and a baggie with the numbers in it so that we can fill in all of her birth stats. Really, I just need to pack our bag, and make sure the kids have all of their clothes in their backpacks stocked up. I have outfits in mind for each of them also that I need to lay aside for when they come to meet their little sister. Oh, and re-arrange the car seats so that we can install hers when it comes.

I want to nest and clean the house so badly, but I don’t have the stamina to do it. I get started and five minutes in, I feel like I’ve run a marathon. So the house isn’t as spick and span as I’d like it to be. I’m hoping that at some point this next month, I’ll get hit with a wave of nesting energy and plow through it all. We’ll see.

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