Bump Date Week 32

Its week 32! Baby girl is about 3 3/4 pounds and gaining half a pound a week now. She has nails and probably hair – we might get to see how much at our 3d ultrasound next week! She gets hiccups a lot and is still facing directly forward. She moves a lot, pushing her little legs and arms out, making little bumps on my belly. So far, things have been about the same for me. I did end up getting on Prilosec OTC for my heartburn as it was getting more and more miserable. It has miraculously gotten rid of my heartburn completely. I am taking a 14 day course that I guess is supposed to work for four months or something. I think that’s how all of the OTC kind work. I can finally eat again without being in pain immediately after, and can lay down for bed without fear of reflux waking me in the night. I am pretty restless at night, having to re position and roll over several times a night. Sleeping with a pillow between my knees helps my hips, but sometimes I just need to roll to my other side and give it a break. My round ligaments are still having some spasms too. Sonic ice is still my biggest craving, not much else is on that list. More foods sound good to me, but I haven’t ever been “absolutely dying to eat” whatever. I am still dealing with getting tired easily, and bed time is creeping earlier and earlier the farther along I get. I have had a couple of sciatic pain days, but not to the point of debilitating yet, just kind of a nuisance. I’m still having lots of braxton hicks, though some of them are stronger and I feel like they are more prodromal in nature. Probably my body’s way of trying to tell little miss to about face and get ready to come out.

I planned to start taking my raspberry leaf tablets starting next week, maybe 34 weeks. I need to start thinking about packing our bag, or at least making a list of what I want to bring. I have a small list of things that I need to buy before baby arrives like new nursing tanks, nipple shields, pads etc. plus a couple last minute baby buys that I want to grab. I plan on getting a doona stroller/car seat that I’ll try to do a review on before and after baby gets here. I was waiting for my amazon baby registry discount before I got that, and I’m finally eligible for that now. It will save me about $75 bucks on it, which is a nice chunk of change.

I finally made myself organize the girls’ room and get the clothes all washed and sorted. It is all put away and organized by size for both of them. It took me the entire weekend to get it done, which is quicker than I thought, and I’m so glad I got it done. I really want to re do their bedroom, but I think we will probably still wait until spring/summer to do that. I think its the nesting talking. I am in the mood to purge too, but I also don’t want to make a mess. The toy situation has been bugging me for the longest time, and I really want to downsize the toys. Maybe while I’m off on leave I’ll feel up to it. I did have Javier shampoo the carpet in the living room yesterday. Its still a tad bit wet, but looks and feels so much better.

Now we are just waiting, and tying up some loose ends to get ready for her debut!

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