Bump Date Week 31

Baby girl is 31 weeks in! This week has been pretty much the same. Heartburn is absolutely the worst symptom for me. It makes it so hard to eat because it seems like the second I swallow something, I get acid reflux. Laying down is hard. Finding something bland to eat is hard because I already don’t want anything to eat. I’ve been taking Zantac in the evenings to try and help keep it at bay so I can sleep. I don’t really like it because it causes me to feel really sleepy, so I go to bed, but then I wake up several times at night with insomnia. I even stop eating by 5pm to ensure that my stomach is emptier when I go to bed, but by morning I’m starved. I’m considering talking to my doctor about trying Prilosec instead, since it acts differently than Zantac. I’m out of ideas other than that. I’m still having those round ligament charlie horses in my lower belly. Its usually right when I wake in the night to roll over, and then can’t because my belly hurts there. Sonic ice is life. I wish I could have chocolate, but #heartburn. I get really winded and tired quickly when cleaning or doing things around the house. I feel bad when the kids want me to play a game of hide and seek or something, because I can barely last one round before I’m tuckered out. I am still wanting to nest, but feel too tired to most days. I really wish that Javier and I could take an entire day off together just so he can help me get stuff ready. Running up the stairs and being my errand helper would be great. Lately I’ve been leaving him honey-do lists when I just can’t muster the energy to finish my daily household maintenance, like my weekly refrigerator clean out the day before trash day, or putting away kids clothes after I’ve worn myself out folding them. I’m very grateful for his help, he never bats an eye and just gets the things done that I ask of him.

Baby girl seems to be doing great! She’s moving a ton, and I can feel all of her knees and feet and elbows rolling around. She still gets frequent hiccups that irritate her. She is staying head down so far, but is usually facing straight forward, our backs touching. She gets upset when the kids get noisy at home. Maybe not upset, but she definitely wakes up and kicks a lot. I’ve got some sore spots on my sides of my belly where she kicks, and sticks her knees or elbows a lot. When one of the kids touches me there to hard, it hurts. We have our 3D ultrasound scheduled in a couple weeks and I think that daddy is just as excited as I am to see her sweet face.

I’m starting to get antsy, waiting for the time to hurry. I really want to enjoy every moment of my last pregnancy, but I’m also drawing near to that “I’m so done” phase. The heartburn is the worst, but I also feel the body aches and discomfort setting in, and mix that in with fatigue and I’ll be so done by the time Sylas stars school back up. I am so excited to finally meet baby girl!

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