Bump Date Week 30

A little late, but better than never. I had jury duty last week and that absolutely wore me out for two days. I had to take a recoup day Saturday and really didn’t accomplish much. I’ve been feeling really tired lately and back to the wanting to go to bed at 8pm thing. I get wore out while cleaning or doing laundry or any household chore really. Baby girl is facing directly outward, occasionally her side will be to my left, but for the most part, she’s all arms and legs right out front. It can get a little uncomfortable sometimes because she shoves her pointy little body parts out and I kind of feel a little bruised and sore in some spots, because she chooses those points as her favorite to poke at. I’ve also noticed a little waddle sometimes, I think a lot of it has to do with her position, with our backs being together. She is head down I’m pretty sure because I feel her hiccups in my hips, though she gets mad and pokes her limbs out sometimes in an effort to fight the hiccups off. She gets hiccups a lot, and I remember Amalia getting them a lot too.

I am still having lots of Braxton Hicks, especially when I’m more active. I also noticed that when I get a coffee I have lots more BH. So I’m swearing that off until she gets here. I really feel like I need some umph some days with a little caffeine, but it’s probably my body telling me to just slow down.

I’m having some mega heartburn from Hades. It can even radiate into back pain sometimes. I take tums before I eat, and up until this week, was taking Zantac around 8 every night so that I could lay down without feeling like a fire breathing dragon. I realized that the Zantac May have been causing some restless sleep so I quit, though I’m still tossing and turning a lot at night. I’m not sure if I’m just that far pregnant now, or if it was the Zantac – which is labeled with a side effect of insomnia. I’ve also tried to eat more bland meals and quit chocolate. It’s so hard though because nothing ever sounds good, but it’s really hard to eat foods that don’t have some kind of tomatoey sauce on them. At this point, I think that dry toast could even cause a flare up of heartburn though.

I’m kind of getting a nesting feeling, but also don’t really want to do anything that would zap my energy. I did tidy up and re organize the pantry this weekend, but I did it in spurts. I have a desire to wash my baby clothes and get them put away, but that would require basically emptying all of Amalias clothes from the dresser and re arranging to accommodate them both, and just writing that sentence has wore me out. I also really want to make Amalia’s room into a big girl room and incorporate baby’s stuff too, but again, actual physical energy evades me.

Sonic ice is still my BFF and I eat about two 24oz tumblers full a day, besides drinking water and an occasional flavored drink. I eat that ice like candy.

Everything else has stayed pretty much the same. The major difference has been the complete lack of energy. I’m starting to have visions of what it will be like when she gets here, dreaming of bringing her home and how life will change. Dreaming of the fall when I’ll be on leave and what fun things we will do.

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