Bump Date Weeks 27-29

Because we went on vacation, and had virtually no cell service, and because we just wanted to be in #vacaymode, I didn’t post any bump dates for the last two weeks. So I’m playing catch up this week!

I’m officially 29 weeks pregnant this week and things have definitely felt like the third trimester is here. Acid reflux is in full swing. Some days I feel like baby girl is getting heavy, and other days I feel fine. Braxton Hicks have picked up in the last weeks too. My appetite is much better but I’m still having a hard time finding something to eat. I’m ravenous though. Unfortunately, I can’t eat much at a time because there’s limited space, so I am constantly eating because of that. My main cravings have been Sonic ice and watermelon – hello peeing every 20 minutes! I’m very breathless and have little endurance. I’ve also started shedding tiny bits of mucus plug. There’s never been any blood with it, but I get tiny pieces every other day or so. I haven’t had any swelling other than the days we were traveling which went right away and was only in my ankle/foot area. I had my last four week appointment this week. Baby’s heart rate was in the 140s. I’ll be going every two weeks now! I’ve been nesting some more, but not really prepping for baby. It’s mostly this strong desire to have the house spotless at all times. Usually I just want to get baby’s things washed and ready, but I’m procrastinating a bit on that because I’ll have to re arrange Amalia’s clothes to accommodate baby’s, and I just don’t want to make that mess yet – see constantly spotless house. I have nights where I toss and turn a lot. I think my hips just get tired and need to take turns I guess. I’ve not had a full blown Charlie horse, as I can sense one is coming, so I can stretch them out before they happen. I have had what I would call spasms in my round ligaments, particularly on the right side. It’s like my side/under belly just cramps up and I can’t move for a second. They happen mostly at night, but sometimes in the day too. They are definitely not contractions, they’re my ab muscles and not my uterus, I am positive of that. They are pretty painful, just like a Charlie horse, except it’s in my belly/side.

I’m not quite to the “ready to meet her” phase, but I can also feel it coming. Especially since I’ll be getting back into the groove at work. I’m going to schedule our 3D ultrasound for the coming weeks and probably after that, I’ll be more than ready for her to get here. I’ll have a little over a month left by then!

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