Amalia’s Two Year Update

It is crazy to me that my baby girl is two already!

At her last appointment, she surprised us, weighing in at 19.9 lbs and right around 30 inches. She wears 18 month tops and 12-18 dresses, though her closet still has some 12 month tops. She can wear a variety of sizes in shorts. Every brand seems to size differently. She has sizes of shorts anywhere from 3-6 months all the way up to 2t! Pants are another story because the length does make a difference. 9/12 month pants are where she is at right now, but being summer time, she hardly wears them now.

Amalia has had major brain development lately. She is talking in full sentences, picking up on many many new words and is learning colors. She loves to play pretend, mostly with her baby dolls – she still prefers they be naked – and she loves to “cook” with her play food too. She puts her babies to bed and takes care of them most of the day. She loves to serve up meals to anyone who will take a bite of plastic, or pretend to sip some hot dog soup. She also really enjoys reading books – The Little Red Hen is her favorite along with Doctor Dan. She also loves to sing. It is the most adorable thing ever, and such a change from raising the boys. She sings all the time. Baby Shark – or any pinkfong song – and most of the cocomelon songs from YouTube. The Wheels On The Bus, Patty Cake, Monkeys On The Bed and the Daddy Finger song are among her favorites too. She has started counting – though very out of order, mostly just saying numbers – which is amazing that she picked up on that.

Amalia is very much a snacker when it comes to eating. Some things are hit or miss. She will eat pizza, macaroni and cheese, hot dogs and anything bread, like bagles, but sometimes she’s just not that hungry. She loves cheese crackers, yogurt, string cheese, plain tortillas and toast for snacks. She likes grapes and bananas, but that is about as far into fruit as she gets. She will try things, unlike her biggest brother, but it doesn’t always mean she will like it. Normally she spits it out into your hand or on your plate – not hers. She is kind of a little stinker about that. She also needs to be catered to in a funny, yet slightly annoying way. If she has trash, she will hand it to you, even after telling her to go throw it away. If she is done with her sippy cup, instead of setting it down on the table right in front of her, she insists that you take it and do that for her. She also hates getting her fingers dirty with food, and constantly wants them wiped at dinner.

She is very attached to mama, and would choose me over anyone in the world most of the time. If its between mama and daddy, its usually me, though she will let him pack her when I can’t. Occasionally papa is her choice though, too. She loves her big brothers, and loves it when they include her in play. They sometimes get annoyed – especially Sylas – because she just doesn’t understand their games yet, but when they have a game of chase or hide and seek, she couldn’t be more thrilled. She kisses them night night and tells them “seet deems” before bed time. She has really good manners, saying “teek oo” and “bacom” ( thank you and welcome) whenever she should, and says please most of the time when asking for things. She has been pretty shy up until now. She has just started waving at strangers, but if they get too close, she shuts down and tries to ignore them, or bury herself into my chest to hide. She will sometimes randomly tell people “dis mama” and point to me or introduce her brothers. Again, if they talk back to her, or get any closer, she shuts down and hides. She is ok to go to her Uncles and Aunts if mom and dad are not present, but if she can see either one of us, she cries when they pick her up, even just to play.

Amalia has changed so much in the last six months, its crazy. She is becoming a little girl right before my eyes, and outgrowing her toddler phase faster than I ever imagined.

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