Bump Date Week 26

Baby girl is nearing two pounds this week and about 14 inches! I can feel her rolls and movements a lot better this week. Everything on my end is the same old same old. After having my bout of fatigue last week, I quickly realized that I was just getting sick. I’m still coughing a lot, and have lots of mucus. My throat is sore and hoarse from all the coughing too. I am starting to think that I have a sinus infection. I’ve been sick over a week now and I’m not getting any better, and nobody else has caught this from me in the week that I’ve had it, even though I know that the kids have shared drinks and things with me. I planned to wait it out until Monday morning to call my doctor to try and be seen, in case I did start to get over it on my own. We are going on vacation next weekend, and I really don’t want to be coughing my lungs out while trying to enjoy what little time off that I do get. I am so sick and tired of being sick! I feel like I can’t catch a break! Just this pregnancy alone, I’ve had two bouts of a stomach bug, food poisoning, Influenza, and at least three colds, and now this. And its the end of June!

Tuesday evening through Thursday, My right shoulder and arm really bothered me a lot. I don’t really know what was wrong other than maybe over compensating for a stiff neck that I had on my left side the day before. Each joint in my arm just ached and my bicep felt like it was having spasms in waves. It got to the point that I was near tears Wednesday. I have a really high pain tolerance, so that says a lot for how much pain I was in. Tylenol didn’t even touch it. Heat and ice were very temporary for relief and by the end of the night, I was dying for some ibuprofen and Icy Hot. That is the worst thing about pregnancy, you literally can’t take anything but Tylenol. I did google some stretches, and maybe between that and sleeping it off another night, I feel much better now. Totally random, and I’m not sure its pregnancy related or not.

I am on my last four days of work before I’ll officially be off for two whole weeks! I am so ready to get this stretch over with.

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