Bump Date Week 25

A few days late, but I’m 25 weeks! I’ve been hit with a sudden wave of fatigue. I don’t have as much of that nesting energy that I’ve had the past couple weeks. I am also really checked out at work. Our vacation is coming up soon, and between anxiously waiting for that, and that I’ve had a new trainee and a student for the last two months, I’m teachered out. Half the time I don’t have the gumption to get up and ready for work, simply because I just don’t want to be there. Its mentally exhausting trying to show two people the ropes, while also making sure all of the work is getting done, and correctly. I’m worried that it will only get worse after we get back from vacation, because I will have nothing to distract me from my impending due date. I will also have another student in July to mentor, and I’m already exhausted just thinking about it.

Everything pregnancy-wise has been steady, except for the sudden drop in energy. That worries me because I’m not even in the third trimester yet. What am I going to do for the last three months if I’m tired the whole time?! HA! It sounds like I’m utterly exhausted, but its not that bad, I’m just more tired than I have been. I’m still thirsty, have food aversions, and not craving much besides cheap pizza. Sometime next month I’ll probably schedule a 3D ultrasound, something that I have done with all the kids. I passed my glucose test last week, so no GD to worry about, and as far as I can tell, baby girl is doing fine.

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